The Winged Eyeliner Journey

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper

Kat Von D Tattoo liner in Trooper -black

It may sound a bit ridiculous and crazy, but I spent practically the entire 2014 on figuring out the appropriate everyday winged eyeliner shape and finding the perfect eyeliner.

To me, eye makeup equals winged eyeliner and a bit of mascara, my struggle with eyeshadow is a whole new post by itself. Also, when I analyze my own face (which believe me, I do it a bit too often), I realized eyeliner is one single thing that makes the biggest difference on me. It gives me life, it lifts up my face, it opens up my eyes, it makes me feel I’m super sharp. Truth to be told, without eyeliner, I feel incomplete!

When I first started drawing eyeliner, I tested numerous eyeliner forms (i.e. liquid, gel, cream and pencil) and tried various eyeliner shapes on my face. For the first 3 months straight, I spent hours and hours watching YouTube tutorial videos, testing different techniques on myself, going to drugstores and department stores every other day to try all the recommended products… I was a bit obsessed and very committed to nail it down, which by the way, happens every time when I have decided to do something.

I think I eventually figured out the “just right” winged eyeliner shape for my eyes after 6 months (I know, I was very slow when it comes to makeup), but I just couldn’t find the right eyeliner for my super oily eyelid. I still distinctly remember for a very long time, I had smudged eyeliner every day by the late afternoon. So I would always run to the ladies’ room in the middle of the work, swipe away the smudged eyeliner, go back to continue my day and wondering when would I meet my happy ending.

One day, when I was watching Essiebutton’s collaboration video with Claire, I heard them mentioning that the Kat Von D tattoo liner is the holy grail liquid eyeliner. I marked it down, ordered it in Sephora before my trip to New York, and after that, my life has changed! I mean, completely changed!

The brush tip makes it a breeze to work with: it’s not too sharp, not too thick, the tip doesn’t spread out when you press it down on your eyelid, so every stroke you draw is perfectly shaped. And it’s highly pigmented, jet black! Also, it’s very, I mean very, waterproof. I once wore it on a long haul flight for 21 hours, and my eyeliner was still intact when I landed! And, and, it’s very reasonably priced at $19. It also doesn’t dry out fast, mine usually lasts for a solid 6 months with almost everyday usage. What more can you ask for other than having it more widely available to the rest of the world? – I haven’t found any online beauty sites that stock this product and ship internationally, so it’s incredibly difficult to get a hold of if you don’t live in the U.S.

So if I sum up this extremely rambly post in two sentences: 1. If you are not happy with your winged eyeliner, practice, practice and practice; 2. you need Kat Von D tattoo liner in trooper in your life!