When Clarins Does Makeup

clarins makeup reviewClarins makes some of my favorite makeup products, which is not easy to come across for a strong skincare brand, at least in my mind. Their instant eye makeup remover is my number 1, go-to removal, it takes off any strong (like really strong) waterproof mascara and eyeliner in seconds! In short, it’s a miracle worker (I’ve done a full review of it here).

But outside of eye makeup remover, other Clarins makeup products are almost impossible to find in Asia – for whatever reason, their makeup line don’t seem to be available here, which is such a shame, because they are SO GOOD!

Their Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector is the ultimate your-lip-but-better lip gloss that’s nourishing, comforting, hydrating and beautiful. If you are not a heavy makeup wearer on day-to-day basis, and just want something that adds a bit of shine, a bit of color and seriously comfortable, look no further! This was the very first product that got me hooked on the Clarins makeup line, it practically lived in my purse for the entire time I had it. So needless to say, when I visited Europe a few weeks ago, I picked up all the shades I’ve been eyeing for – 5 of them to be precise: 05 candy shimmer, 06 rosewood shimmer and 3 limited edition shades which are 10 pink shimmer, 11 orange shimmer and 12 red shimmer. Told you I’m obsessed with it, I wasn’t lying…

Clarins instant natural light lip perfector swatch and reviewBecause of my addiction with the lip perfector, I thought I need to explore a bit more with Clarins lip products. So 2 of its lipsticks ended in my collection, 13 woodrose (a brownie pink that’s flattering in many skin tones ) and 17 pink magnolia (a slightly pinkier everyday wearable shade), both of which are from the Rouge Eclat lipstick line. And they do not disappoint, to say the least. Clarins has some bold claim for it:

Clarins’ luminous, age-defying lipstick – created with Nutri-Youth Complex – creates fuller, younger-looking lips. Tip: the more you wear it, the more luscious your lips will become.

Sounds like your typical marketing language right? Except this claim is spot on! I know it’s hard to believe and seems too good to be true, but I’ve tested them when my lips were severely cracked (it was peeling and slightly bleeding). And the minute I put it on, I felt like I have applied one of the most hydrating and smoothing lip balms I have tried, and after a few hours of wear, my lips were actually healing. Can you believe it? I mean there are a few lipstick formula I can wear with dry lips (such as the Bobbi Brown Luxe lip color line, reviewed here), but this is the only one that improves the conditions after wear. Also, it’s healing power doesn’t compromise its performance as a lipstick. It’s highly pigmented, creamy and goes on smoothly, not a long lasting formula, but the colors are just gorgeous and really wearable.

Clarins rouge eclat lipstick 13 woodrose swatch and review
Clarins Rouge Eclat Lipstick 13 Woodrose under natural lighting
Clarins Rouge Eclat Lipstick 17 Pink Magnolia
Clarins Rouge Eclat Lipstick 14 Pink Magnolia under natural lighting

Last but not least, the Fix’ Make-Up setting spray. It has the signature Clarins scent, which is subtle, refreshing and calming. First of all, the bottle itself deserves a prominent position in the dressing table – it’s not the most fancy and extravagant package, but something about it (perhaps the shape?) that just makes me want to stare at it all day long. I don’t find it extend the wearing time of makeup as long as the Urban Decay makeup setting spray, but it’s super refreshing and soothing, takes away the powdery look on your face, and holds the make up just 2-3 hours longer. I would say it’s a product that’s in between M.A.C. fix+ and Urban Decay setting spray. Oh, and the mist is ultra fine (if that’s something you are after) and packed with ingredients that are good to the skin, namely aloe vera, grapefruit extract and organic rose.

I’ll be lying if I’m saying I don’t already have a few more items in my wishlist – the eyeshadow, the bronzer, and the BB skin perfecting cream SPF 35, which according to Sandra (aka. one of my favorite beauty bloggers) is another awesome product.

Have you tried any Clarins makeup items? What’s your favorite?