Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray? It Rocks

Urban Decay Setting Spray Review

I’ve gone through bottles of the Urban Decay Setting spray, but funny enough I have never talked about it here or in real life. It’s one of those products that you grab every day, and it’s so integrated into your daily routine that you don’t even remember they are there. Am I alone here? Hopefully not.

Urban Decay has a full range of setting sprays, and they suppose to target different skin types: e.g. De-Slick is designed for oil-control in addition to extend your makeup longevity. But honestly, I cannot tell the difference, and the original All Nighter still works the best for me (the Chill Cooling and Hydrating one is almost identical to the All Nighter). I use it as the last step of my makeup routine, very liberally spray all over my face – we are talking about at least 5 sprays, very unnecessary and feels like a treat to me. In 1 minute, it settles down and miraclely perfect your entire look by pulling everything together (like you have used the softest brush to blend your face for an hour) and makes them lasting for all day, all night. I have tested doing the same makeup, one day with the All Nighter setting spray, and one day without. And you know what? With the setting spray on, my makeup lasts at least 4 hours longer, that’s a big difference!

One side note though, if you are wearing non-waterproof mascara, definitely recommend you put on this setting spray first, then followed by applying mascara. Otherwise, you may see mascara crumbs all over your face, which is the last thing you want when trying to get ready in 5 minutes in the morning and rush out the door to work.

Some may ask what’s the difference between the Urban Decay setting spray and MAC Fix+. MAC’s Fix+ is the best for taking away the powdery look & feeling on your face when you “accidently” put too much powder on, or just want to intensity that eyeshadow or highlighter, but it doesn’t necessarily make your makeup last longer. Also, I noticed Fix+ adds more hydration and a tiny bit of more glow comparing to the All Nighter, which is why sometimes, I use both of them (Fix+ followed by Urban Decay setting spray) in the morning, and basically trench my face with 20 pumps of sprays. The more, the better right? 🙂 But seriously, if you are someone wearing makeup to work and want it to last all day (who doesn’t?), do yourself a favor and pick up this setting spray…