Two Powders for People Who Don’t Like Powders

best powders for dry skin

I very rarely talk about powders, because truth to be told, powder and I just don’t get along very well. Up until the end of last year, Hourglass ambient lighting palette was the ONLY setting/finishing powder in my stash. I don’t have extremely dry skin – it’s more on the combination leaning towards the dry side, but for reasons still unknown to me, my fact hates powders. They either settle into fine lines, or exaggerate dry patches, so for the longest time, I rather walking around with an overly shiny face than getting myself into the trap of setting powders.

Until two powders were introduced to my life a few months ago, total game changer, let’s just say! The two in question are: Rouge Bunny Rouge Impalpable Finishing Diaphanous Powder and Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Micro-powder (phew, what’s up with makeup companies and exceptionally long names… ).

powders for dry skin

I was first intrigued by the Rouge Bunny Rouge power after hearing Karima McKimmie raving about it in her YouTube Channel and blog over and over again, who also despises powders in general. I jumped online and ordered directly from the brand’s online store. It’s not the easiest brand to get a hold of, and their online shopping experience wasn’t the best as far as ecommerce goes, but the power itself… is 100% worth the hassle and every penny. It’s the powder that has restored my faith in powder.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Diaphanouse Finishing Powder Review

First of all, it has the package I prefer for loose powder – it’s housed in a plastic jar that comes with a mesh, which prevents finely milled powders flying everywhere and makes it possible to travel with. All loose powders should have the mesh design if you ask me! The powder is ultra fine and feels silky to the touch, and the best part is that it’s truly invisible on the face! I have even tried applying heavy handed, it still doesn’t accentuate fine lines or wrinkles, you just cannot overdo this powder! It also works equally well on the T-zone area or under the eyes in the sense that it smoothes over the skin surface, takes away the oily shineness but without making your skin looking flat or dull, which has never happened to me before (even the cult favorite Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder can make me looking a bit cakey at the end of the day). I was a total converter after the first trial.

After the Rouge Bunny Rouge powder has given me hope again, I took the plunge and purchased the Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush powder at Cult Beauty in a 3am order. And I have to say, it does not disappoint. Different from the Rouge Bunny Rouge, this one is not a translucent powder – mine is in the shade 02 medium, but I don’t find the color shows up on the face unless you seriously pile on, so even though it only has 3 shades in the entire range, I suspect it can suit quite a wide range of skintones.

Charlotte Tilbury Airbursh finish powder review

It’s another very finely milled powder, feels velvety and lightweight on the face (though in comparison, Rouge Bunny Rouge one feels even a tad lighter). It almost feels like the powder disappears into the skin, blurs the imperfection and gives you a smooth surface. Similar to the Rouge Bunny Rouge one, I find that even if you go slightly heavy handed, the powder never gives you a cakey face, which is awesome, because who has time to be extra careful with powder when rushing in the morning? I certainly don’t. It’s also a great powder to carry around for touches ups throughout the day or to travel with, which was the main excuse for my purchase.  And of course, there is no need to say, the package is simply gorgeous, just as all Charlotte Tilbury products.

Between the Rouge Bunny Rouge diaphanous finishing powder and the Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush flawless finish powder, I think I’m all set in the powder department. If you are someone who hasn’t had much luck with powder, but is still looking to get the shine under control, I truly believe these two will not disappoint.