Two New Liquid Eyeliner Discoveries

You know me and liquid eyeliners, we have an ongoing love affair that’s unlikely to go away anyway time soon. Maybe it’s because of my hooded Asian eye shape, but every time when I have a good eyeliner day, I feel I’m ready to conquer the world. OK, maybe not as far as conquering the world, but it’s definitely empowering, that’s what I’m trying to say.

So yes, another post, another eyeliner review. But this time, not just one liquid eyeliner, it’s two: the EM Cosmetics brush tip illustrative eyeliner and the Clio waterproof brush liner. The reason I’m combining these two into one post is that they really are very comparable, if not identical (I use them interchangeably), and both are excellent. And yes, let me just get out of the way, and saying that I think they are better than the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper. There, I said it.

review: em cosmetics illustrative brush tip eyeliner vs. clio waterproof kill black brush liner

As their names suggest, both liquid eyeliners are brush tip, which is right up my alley. After many trials and errors, I have come to the realization that I just don’t get along with felt tip eyeliners, which in general are more difficult to achieve a precise, sharp line. The EM Cosmetics and Clio eyeliners have pretty much identical brush tip – they are fine, flexible, smooth and in general easy to use, even for eyeliner newbies. You can easily draw either an ultra-thin, near the lash roots, subtle eyeliner, or a bold, all out, statement like thick cat eye. They are that easy to control. Which makes these two eyeliners stand out, comparing to the cult favorite Kat Von D Tattoo liner is that, their brush tips maintain their shape throughout the entire time – the very tip of the brush doesn’t spread out, so they perform exact the same from beginning to the end.

em cosmetics brush tip eyeliner vs. clio waterproof kill black brush liner

The two eyeliners are exceptionally smudge-proof, in the same category as the LancômeGrandiose eyeliner. For the last few months I have been using them, I never had one single incidence where my eyeliner smudged, or moved, no matter how many hours I have had them on, or how sweaty and oily my eyelids get. Seriously, there are not many things please me more than a bullet proof, solid eyeliner.

If I want to be very picky, then there is one thing I would say, I wish the two eyeliners are more black than they are. In comparison, the EM Cosmetics eyeliner is a tad more black than the Clio one, the latter requires vigorous shaking (I mean, I had to shake it with all my strength) upon first few uses to get the black pigment out. But even for the EM Cosmetics eyeliner, I wish it could be just a little bit more black, like the Guerlain liquid eyeliner – a solid, jet ink black.

 With all considered, I give these two eyeliners a big thumb up, for their price point, I really couldn’t recommend them enough for any eyeliner lovers.