Two New Lip Product Launches That I Can Totally Get Onboard With

When summer rolls around, all the beauty brands seem to get into a competition of new product launches, which is getting a bit overwhelming… for my wallet. So for my own sanity, I have been very selective recently in what new products to pick up, and these two that I’m going to talk about today, have been total winners in my book. In the past 2 weeks, if I have any lip products on, it’s either one of them, or both of them combined. Yep, it was love on first sight.

Burberry Lip Velvet Crush & Lancome L'Absolu Lacquer Review

The two in questions are: Burberry Lip Velvet Crush in the shade no. 16 Copper Pink and Lancôme L’Absolu Lacquer in the shade no. 236 Pour Toujours, both of which have very interesting formulas that are so comfortable and so gorgeous on the lips at the same time.

Burberry Lip Velvet Crush

It was an unexpected find, I stumbled upon this new launch at a local Burberry counter without knowing anything about this collection beforehand, but fell in love with it instantly. The applicator looks intimidating at first glance, I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that it has the same dispense mechanism as their concealer. I remember I asked the sales associated 5 times (no joking!) repeatedly: “ wouldn’t it be very messy and have the lip color all over the place?”

The sales associate patiently explained to me over and over again that because the product only comes out at the tip of the applicator, it actually ensures a smooth and a rather precise application. I stared at her with doubt for like a minute, and eventually gave it a try. And OMG! It WAS MAGICAL! Yes, it doesn’t go on as precise as a lip liner (as you would have rightly expected), but it hugs the lip line nicely and dispense the color evenly across the entire lip. I’m not a master at applying lipsticks in general (yes, I have shaky hands!), but I have no problem of getting the colors conform to my lip lines with this Burberry lip velvet crush. Honestly, I feel it’s even easier to use than some of my bullet lipsticks. I’ve been using it on multiple rush mornings, without the need to reach for lip pencils to define my lip lines (though I reckon if it’s a brighter color, such as no.65 Military Red, you might need a lip pencil to help for an ultra crisp, defined lip line). Quite unbelievable, but yet, it’s true.

Burberry Lip Velvet Crush Applicator Review

The surprise doesn’t stop at the application, the formula of this lipstick is nothing but marvelous. As the package suggests, It has a sheer-matte satin finish that feels so lightweight on the lips that I often forget it’s there, it doesn’t dry down to the caky matte finish that accentuates lip lines, but a smooth, comforting finish that still has a hint of shine without looking shiny. It doesn’t last all that long, and is not transfer-proof, but it would leave a beautiful stain/tint after a meal, and you can easily re-apply without worrying it might bunch up. You can also customize & adjust the intensity of the color by deciding on how many layers you want to apply (the photo below is me wearing two thing layers). Hands down one of the most comfortable and hassle-free lipstick formulas I have tried!

The shade no.16 Copper Pink is also right up my alley, a brighter, pinker version of the pinky nude that I tend to gravitate towards on regular basis.

Burberry Lip Velvet Crush no.16 Copper Pink Swatch & Review

Lancôme L’Absolu Lacquer

Different from the Burberry Lip Velvet Crush, I’ve been waiting for the launch of Lancôme L’Absolu Lacquer quite impatiently, ever since I saw a few YouTubers rocking this product. And I’m glad to say, this collection does not disappoint. It’s an interesting, or should I say, a revolutionary twist to the traditional lip gloss formula, in the sense that it stays glossy and vibrant for hours and hours without getting dry and peeling. It’s like when a liquid lipstick and a lip gloss have had a baby, and the baby has inherited the best traits from both sides – the color stays on just as liquid lipsticks do, but it’s glossy and shiny at the same time, and to top if off, it’s lightweight, moisturizing, comfortable and non-sticky. Just a genius invention!

Lancome L'Absolu Lacquer no. 236 Swatch & Review

I have picked up the shade 236 Pour Toujours from its large selection of colors, which is on the pinky nude side. Comparing to other more vibrant colors, this shade is definitely less opaque and would require 2 layers to get a full color payoff, so my favorite way of using this product is actually to layer on top of other lipsticks, or as a touch up lip product on top of a lip stain. This L’Absolu Lacquer together with the Burberry Lip Velvet Crush have been my everyday lip combo in the past few weeks.

Burberry Lip Velvet Crush no.16 & Lancome L'Aboslu Lacquer no. 236 Swatch

Burberry Lip Velvet Crush no.16 with Lancome L'Aboslu Lacquer no. 236 Swatch & Review

Conclusion: I definitely need to get more shades in these two collections, they will be on my lips all summer long.