These Are Total Game Changers

I’m been seeking for hair care products that can salvage my rather damaged hairs in the past year or so. I have dabbed onto a lot of them, from pretty well known brands like Kérastase to smaller brands such as Living Proof, from shampoo to hair mask and oil, I have had my fair share of trials. Some of them have turned out to be a total disappointment, some have made a difference, namely the Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair deep conditioning mask, but nothing has really impressed me so much that I want to give it a wholehearted hug & kiss, and tell you all about it, until now. So embrace yourself, I’m going to give a big shout out to not one, but two total game changing products today.

Coco & Eve and Slip silk pillowcase review

Coco & Eve Super Nourishing Coconut & Fig Hair Masque:

I stumbled upon this hair mask while aimlessly scrolling through the cultbeauty site, which can you tell by now is part of my daily routine :), and something about the product caught my attention. It sounds very promising, looks promising, and the reviews on the site are mostly uber positive (I think someone even used the word “revolutionary”), so I jumped on it.

Coco & Eve super nourishing coconut & fig hair masque review

I always have that unrealistic expectations with hair mask that after one wash, it would improve all my concerns and my hairs would become less frizzy, ends are deeply nourished and hydrated, silky smooth and shiny (I blame all the hair commercials for imprinting this in my head). Of course, as you would have guessed, no hair mask has done that magic. But this Coco & Eve hair mask, I would have to say, is pretty damn close to that unrealistic picture I have in mind. I left it on for 10 mins, wash it off, and viola, after first wash, I can actually see and feel the difference right away. I’m not talking about the subtle difference where you will be questioning yourself: “am I just tricking myself now so I’ll feel good about the purchase? Is it all just a physiological game that I’m playing in my head?” It’s a BIG enough difference that you know, without a doubt, this little jar of cream has done some magic to your half dead hairs.

Coco & Eve super nourishing coconut & fig hair masque review

After every use, I can tell my hair has gotten better than the previous time. Yes, I have only used it for 3 times so far, but the improvement has been so dramatic that it has jumped straight into becoming my No.1 hair care product, and I literally cannot wait to tell you all.

There are other bonus points that come with this hair mask: the package is great (something about this forest green and baby pink color combination that’s just mesmerizing for me), it includes a tangle tamer (it’s alright, not as good as a tangle teezer), and it smells absolutely lush (I mean, it’s coconut and fig, what can you complain?). But for a product that has such amazing results, I probably won’t even mind even if it comes in a plastic bag and smells like feet – of course, don’t take me wrong, I’m very happy it’s not.

Slipsilk Pillowcase:

A purchase that I have been debating on whether to pull the trigger for years, and now kicking myself in the butt for not doing it sooner. Yes, I hear you, it’s so unnecessary, but it’s also so life changing!

Slip Silk pillowcase review
Ignore my bare face here, I’m just enjoying the heavenly smooth pillowcase

It has big claims that seems to be too good to be true, especially when it’s just a pillowcase. I cannot quite comment on the anti-aging benefits, and in all honesty, I’m still in doubt, but I would definitely agree with the anti-sleep-crease and anti-bedhead statement, it sounds crazy, yet it’s so true! I usually get small lines on the face in the morning – I’m a side sleeper and always end up pressing my face against sheets, and my hairs get frizzy and are always flying at all directions in the morning, but these problems suddenly disappeared once I started using the silk pillowcase. No more temporary facial crease in the morning, and no more hair flyaways after sleep. I cannot be happier with this small investment!