The Primers For An Extra Boost of Radiance

Tom ford illuminating primer and burberry fresh glow primer review

Let me start by saying I’m not a primer girl. I don’t see primer as a necessary step in creating a natural, long lasting makeup look. Doesn’t matter if it’s drugstore or high-end, such as the widely acclaimed hourglass mineral veil primer, I never get along with it – I don’t like the feeling of them sitting on my face, and not making material difference, you know what I mean?

However, the kind of primer that adds an extra boost of radiance, and gives you the glow-from-within look? I can totally get onboard with. And if they happen to have skin care benefits? Can not be better!  

I walked to the Burberry makeup counter one day with the intention to pick up the pale barley eyeshadow, which is gorgeous by the way, the makeup artist offered to do a makeover for me. When he put on this fresh glow nude radiance No.1 luminous fluid base (why all the beauty products having longer and longer names nowadays???) on me, I was hooked. It has a light bronzing pink undertone, and feels so light and comfortable on the skin. When applied, it quickly disappears into your skin, and leaves you with a radiant, youthful glow. Also, it adds a punch of hydration, which is always good. I find one pump is enough for my whole face, unless I feel extremely dull, then I will go over my face with an extra pump.

It’s the kind of product that’s undetectable on your face, and people will just wonder why your skin looks so glowy and radiant, isn’t that the best?! The makeup artist also mentioned this product is infused with rose water, which explains the hydration benefits for the skin. On the days when I don’t want to put on foundation or even BB cream, I will just slather this on my face and get out of the door.

If I want to up my radiance game just so slightly, I will reach for the Tom Ford illuminating primer (seriously, Tom Ford can do no wrong!). It’s a tad thicker than the Burberry one (but still light enough to feel comfortable on the skin), and the texture is more creamy – The Burberry one is more leaning towards the watery side, as it’s 55% water-infused. It has a white pearly, champagny under stone. When I compare them side by side, you can clearly see the color difference, but when spread out, I honestly cannot tell much difference, other than that the Tom Ford illuminator is a tiny bit more glowy.  

tom ford illuminating primer swatch

burberry fresh glow radiance base 01 swatch

Both products can be used as either primer or illuminator/highlighter. So you can use them underneath foundation to create a smooth canvas and let the glow peek through, or on top of foundation and dab it to the high points of your face to add an extra shot of glow. Or if you are in the mood, apply them before AND after foundation, they will never feel heavy or caky on the face thanks to their consistence and lightweight texture.

Yes, they are expensive, I mean, it’s Burberry and Tom Ford, but if want to treat yourself (hello, Xmas is not that far away!), then trust me, you cannot go wrong with either of them! Both are universally suited for all skin tones, and probably for all skin types as well – I have combination skin, and they never look oily on my face.

These two primers come in different packages, but both are brilliant and sleek. The Burberry one has a click lock pump – turn to one direction to squeeze out the product, and turn to the other direction to lock it and prevent any spill. The Tom Ford one is much lighter, no cap involved, you just twist up the bottle to get the pump out.  I would say the Tom Ford one is probably more travel friendly because of its light weight.

All in all, I love them both. But if I have to choose just one, I think I will go with Burberry, I just love the watery consistence and how light it feels on my face. Also, I can never say no to a makeup product that with skin care benefits…