The Perfect Nude Nail Polish

nail in gel effect nail polish in uptown review

My hunt for a good nude, suit-all-occasion nail polish has been a long journey. I have tried pretty much all the highly rated nude nail polish out there in the market, well, at least the ones I can get my hands on. None of them worked for me, they all looked either too gray, or too pale, or too brown for my skin tone. Long story short,  they basically make me look like I’m sick and have infected nails. I almost gave up until I stumbled upon this Nails Inc Gel Effect polish in uptown.

nails inc gel effect nail polish uptown swatch

nails inc gel effect nail polish in uptown

It’s not your typical nude, it’s more of a mauve pink nude (it looks less pink and more mauve in person than in the above photos), it’s pink enough on me that it doesn’t look like washed off, yet nude enough to give an understated chic look. It matches clothes easily and I can see it suitable for all seasons. When it comes to the design and packaging, the cap is a pretty accurate presentation of the actual color, which is ingenious because you can easily identify it in a pool of nail polishes. Also the brush is my favorite type. It’s fat and flat, not too soft, not too stiff, so it distributes color evenly. For my pinkies, I find one coat is enough, but for other nails, I like to apply two coats to get the high gloss shine and full pigmentation.

I’m quite digging the whole gel effect line, the finish is much more glossy and shiny than your regular nail polish, it dries much faster and doesn’t chip as easily.

What’s your favorite nude nail polish?