The Odacité Serum Concentrate is Fabulous!

odacite radiant effect serum concentrate reviewOdacite green tea lemongrass radiant effect serum concentrate review

You can probably tell my excitement just by looking at the title. I’ve been utterly obsessed with facial oils since the beginning of this year, and after using Vintner’s daughter active botanical facial serum, which I have raved numerous time on this blog (you can read more about it here), I have tried many other oils in the market, but nothing really impressed me until this Odacité serum concentrate came into the picture.


I got the Odacité radiance effect serum concentrate (Green Tea + Lemongrass) in the the best of 2015 Goody bag, when I purchased my second bottle of Vintner’s daughter facial serum. By the way, huge thanks to for including this oil in the Goody bag, otherwise, I would have missed an awesome oil serum in my life!


The whole idea behind Odacité oil serum is just brilliant, every tiny bottle is a powerhouse that’s designed to target your specific concern(s), it has solution for almost everyone in the market for serum: radiance, clogged pores, acne, oily skin, sagging skin, dull skin, wrinkle, sensitive skin… you name it, they have it. You can use it alone, or use it as beauty booster to mix it together with your daily moisturizer or other serums. Isn’t that remarkable? You get to up your skincare game, address specific concerns without changing the entire skincare routine.


It has quickly become a staple in my nighttime skincare routine. After cleansing, toning and eye cream, I’ve been mixing 2 drops of the Odacité radiance effect serum with 4 drops of Vintner’s daughter facial oil, and massage it to my entire face and neck. And that’s it, no moisturizer afterwards, unless I feel extremely dry. The next morning I wake up, my skin will have this radiant, healthy glow. Thanks to this combination, I don’t even use my radiance primers that much these days, crazy!


The quality of the Odacité radiance effect serum is beyond beautiful. First of all, it smells like straight up lemongrass to me: pure, calming and refreshing at the same time. If you like the scent of lemongrass, you are going to love this! In full disclosure, sometimes I find myself opening the bottle just to sniff the oil – though, in my defense, lemongrass is widely used in aromatherapy products, so it’s not all that weird after all right?


It’s a tiny bottle (only 5ml!), but every drop inside is highest-grade organic oil that’s super lightweight, and can be absorbed by your skin quickly, leaves no oily residue or sticky feeling.  I mean, who doesn’t love a lightweight and potent facial oil? Another interesting fact of the Odacité serum facial is that, similar to the Vintner’s daughter active serum, it comes in a UV filter glass that only allows one frequency of UV through, which is the same UV that plants need. So this bottle can actually prolong the shelf life of the oil and keep it effective and active – though you probably don’t need even 1 month to finish the entire bottle. 


I’ve already gotten my eyes on the Hydration Serum Concentrate (Pomegranate + Rose Geranium), the Hyperpigmentation Serum Concentrate (Papaya + Geranium), the Sagging Skin Serum Concentrate (Buriti + Lime), the Youthful Glow Serum Concentrate (Acai + Rose) and… oh well, I want every one of them! A large haul is inevitable.