The New HG Hydrating Mask in Town

aesop blue chamomile hydrating mask review

I love facial masks, which can easily be told from the whole drawer of masks I have hoarded. And among all the masks, hydrating mask is my favorite, because in my mind, when your face is well hydrated, a lot of problems will go away by themselves – premature wrinkles, dullness, overly produce oil and etc. So you can imagine my excitement when I popped open this Aesop blue chamomile facial hydrating masque, and realized it’s the new Holy Grail in my facial mask collection.

This is a fairly new release from Aesop, and I literally picked it up a few days after it started showing up in the store shelf. Tried it on my hand, and pretty much fell in love with it right away: the calming scent, the cooling effect and the non-sticky texture, everything I love about a good mask is packed in Aesop’s signature glass bottle.


aesop blue chamomile hydrating facial masque review

It’s packed with various soothing, nourishing botanicals (see here for the full list of ingredients) and claims to leave your skin feeling refreshed, softened and replenished. I would say the description is spot on, which doesn’t happen that often with skin care products. The first time I applied after coming back from a long trip, my face immediately soaked it up and felt replenished and relieved almost instantly. The best thing about this mask though, is the fact that it’s uber lightweight. It does take a few minutes for it to be completely absorbed, but once it does, you won’t feel anything sticky, slippery or heavy on the face – you will actually forget you have mask on!

On the nights I don’t have any outgoing activity, which is pretty much 5 nights out of a week, I will wash off makeup early and leave the mask on for 3-5 hours – wear it to the supermarket downstairs, or go to a restaurant nearby. No one, including myself, will notice I have mask on. This is the main reason I actually like this mask more(just slightly) than the GlamGlow THIRSTYMUD hydrating treatment, which is also a fabulous hydrating mask, but does leave a tiny bit of color and sticky feeling on the face.

You can bet next time when I take a long haul flight, this Aesop blue chamomile masque will replace my normal moisturizer and stay on my face for the whole time.