The Magic of Honey

benefits of drinking honey

So this post is one of the main reasons I decided to start a blog, I love honey very much and I sincerely believe every girl and guy out there should add this magical stuff to their daily eating routine.

Let me start from the beginning. About 11 or so years ago, when I was about to finish high school and start university, one day, my mom bought a giant bottle of honey from our local farmer’s market and told me that I should start having a scoop of honey every day. I cannot recall exactly how she convinced me, but I do remember she said something along the line like “do you remember my friend XXX, she has been drinking honey for 20 years, and look how young she looks now! Honey has a lot to do with it”. Back then, I was already very much into skincare, so I took over the bottle of honey, no question asked, and started drinking it from that day on.

It’s now part of my daily routine. Some people start their day with a cup of coffee, some start with tea, I start mine with a cup of honey water. Every morning, I would take a tablespoon of honey, mix it with room temperature water, drink it and then move on to the day. I leave a jar of honey in my office, a jar at home, so I will never have to go without it. All my friends and colleagues are well aware this habits of mine now, to that point that my team once gave me an award “honey the pooh” during a Xmas event!

I don’t know if honey was the secret to my mom’s friend’s youth and good skin, but it certainly did wonder to my skin. During my entire high school, I always had break outs here and there, and my skin texture was far away from smooth. But after I started drinking honey, I noticed my skin improved gradually – keyword here is “gradually”, you don’t really see a great deal of difference in a day or a week, or even a month. As a matter of fact, I only started seeing significant improvement at about one year mark – yes, you need patience with this, it’s not a topical product, it improves (or I would say transforms) your immune system and digesting system from within, so give it some time to do the work.

There are millions of sites out there that tells you the benefits of honey, so I’m not going to bore you with all the details. But I do want to take the opportunity to clear up some misconceptions people tend to have about honey.

Misconception 1: Honey can make you fat.

Yes, honey is sweet, it’s very yummy, but it’s also super healthy, and definitely not going to make you fat – probably one of the very few healthy food in the world that actually taste good! Honey contains vitamins like B6, thiamin, niacin, riboflavin, pantothenic acid and certain amino acids and many minerals, which are good for your body. The sweetness comes from its natural sugar, which is much better for our body than refined sugar or worse, artificial sweetener. There were several studies and researches conducted in the past to see the effects of honey consumptions, and you know what? No weight gains have been found on subjects (both human subjects and rats)! And if I myself can serve as an evidence, I haven’t gained weight because of honey intake in the past 11 years.

Misconception 2: Drink honey with hot water

Of all misconceptions people have about honey, I would say this is the biggest mistake. Yes, hot honey water with a slice of lemon taste good, especially in a cold winter day, but honey should never be mixed with hot water, never! If there is only thing you take away from this post, mark down this one. Hot water, or rather the hot temperature breaks down/destroys the molecule structure of honey, and makes it indigestibleMy mom would say it becomes toxic to your body, I probably won’t go that far, but all the benefits you want to get from honey is taken away for sure! So next time if see a store/restaurant that sells hot lemon honey water, and claims it’s good for you, don’t order it, you know it’s bogus!

Misconception 3: Take honey with metal spoons

Now, this one, I don’t have proof. Apparently, this is one of those old myths that still remains controversial today. Some say it doesn’t really matter, others say it’s not a good idea because honey has acidic PH, which will react with metals and as a result, changes its flavor. I say, just use a wooden spoon, did you see honey the pooh using a metal spoon? But seriously, if there is an argument, why take the risk? It’s not like you cannot find a wooden spoon, or it’s that much more expensive, in fact, I believe it’s cheaper. Or at the bare minimal, don’t store your honey in a metal container, use a glass jar instead!

Think back, I really thank my mom for getting me to incorporate honey into my daily eating habits. My body loves it, and my skin certainly benefits from it. I always have people asking me what secrets do I have for good skin (touch wood!), and I always tell them “just start drinking honey every day”. 

So do it, go to get some honey, and start drinking it from tomorrow. Your body will forever thank you.

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