The Liquid Lipstick Experiment

Kat Von D liquid lipsticks

There are a few more liquid lipstick launches this year (case in point, Burberry and Marc Jacobs Beauty have also joined the party recently), which to me, says the liquid lipstick trend is probably not going anywhere just yet. No matter you love it or hate it, have to admit that the concept of liquid lipstick is pretty genius: great color payoff in one swipe and lasts a whole day with eating and drinking. Now, only if it’s comfortable to wear, and doesn’t feel like it’s peeling off your lips by the end of day, wouldn’t that be great?

I haven’t had the best luck with liquid lipsticks in general – Chanel Rouge Allure Ink (reviewed here) and ColourPop Ultra Satin (reviewed here) are the only two I’m completely onboard with, as much as I love its staying powder, I’m just not fond of the matte finish and of course, the fact it dries up lips and accentuates lip lines. But looking at the 3 Kat Von D liquid lipsticks I have purchased a few months back, it hurts me that they just sit there and collecting dust (in all fairness, Kat Von D liquid lipstick is actually already much more comfortable than others). So I have done some experiments in the past month to see how I can make them work for me.

My first logical trial was applying an emollient lip balm underneath, and pat a tissue paper lightly to remove the excess, then followed by your usual liquid lipstick application. This … didn’t really work for me. Even with removing the excess, I still find the lip balm makes the liquid lipstick slides more during the application, and the color just doesn’t stick as well, which in turn, means its staying power is comprised. In summary: it is indeed more comfortable to wear, but defeats the purpose of liquid lipstick for me.

Second trial, I applied a neutral lipgloss over liquid lipstick (the Chantecaille Lipgloss in Lucky is of course my best pick). I really liked the way it looked: taking away the matte finish of liquid lipstick (bye bye lip lines!), and almost instantly plumps the lips but still let the color of liquid lipstick shows through. When the lipgloss goes away throughout the day, it leaves a subtle film of sheen on the lips, 100 times better than the drying matte finish in my book. It also doesn’t interfere the longevity of liquid lipstick. In summary: the combination works well in many fronts, but doesn’t make it more comfortable to wear.

how to wear liquid lipsticks comfortably

During the third trail, I took the learning from previous experiments, and applied lip balm on top of liquid lipstick. And oh well, it’s life changing! Longevity? Check! Comfort? Check! True to color? Check! A nice sheen? Check, especially if the lip balm is Glossier’s Balm Dotcom! So in short, it’s a total winner, I can now actually wear liquid lipsticks a few days in the row without suffering from dry lips and all my Kat Von D liquid lipsticks can finally be out and seeing the daylight!

Are you a liquid lipstick lover? I cannot be the only one had hard time working with them right?