The High-performance Body Cream

Hmm, is high-performance body cream even a thing? Well, that’s a very legitimate question, I would have the exact same reaction reading the title about a month ago, even though let’s be honest, a good body cream is not necessarily that easy to come across – it needs to smell good so you feel it’s worth the effort to put on, moisturizing enough yet without being sticky. My answer to this question has completely changed, when I finally started testing the Ameliorate transforming body cream and body lotion, which have been in my to-try wishlist for well over a year. The first time when I used it, the word “high-performance body cream” popped into my head, because you know what? It’s unique, and certainly good enough to be in its own category.

Ameliorate transforming body cream review

Firstly, let’s get the scent discussion out of the way, because I certainly do not like the scent, like not at all. There is no subtle floral, or refreshing scent that you would typically associate a nice body cream with, this tube of body cream smells straight up like professional grade product (horrible description, I know!). But it’s not so strong that would deter me from using it, and it does dissipate quickly once applied.

If you can bypass the scent, I find it difficult for anyone not to be impressed with the performance of the product. It contains the lactic acid that gently exfoliates your skin (so a bit of tip would be: don’t use it if you have open cuts or wounds, which I learned in the hard way), removes the dead, follicle-clogging cells, gets rid of those irritating bumps, while at the same time adds a serious level of moisturization and locks it into your skin. Just like your favorite resurfacing serum for the face, this body cream does similar magic to your body, I’m not exaggerating when I say my skin on the body has become noticeably softer, smoother and healthier, after only a few nights of use, including my elbow, which is arguably the most scaly and dry spot on the body. 

Ameliorate transforming body cream & body lotion review

I have very dry and sensitive skin on the body, which requires body lotion/cream every time after shower, and this body cream has been a game changer for me. I feel moisturized all day, even when showering it off 24 hours later, I can still feel the protective layer on the skin (the slight stickiness goes away after about 10 mins of application). I have also read glowing reviews from people who suffer from Keratosis Pilaris (or commonly known as chicken skin), where they mentioned this body cream has substantially improved their skin condition, reduced the red bumps and irritations. So you see, it really lives up to the “high-performance body cream” title. 

And probably the best part? It’s very reasonably priced, a big tub like mine would last you a long time – I have used mine on the entire body every day for a little over a month now, and have just gone through what looks like only one fifth of the product.

Ameliorate transforming body lotion review

So my summary for this is going to be extra short: if you want to have better skin on the body, try the Ameliorate transforming body cream and body lotion, I highly doubt you will be disappointed. I got mine from ASOS here.