Tarte Holidaze Collection Review

tarte holidaze collection review

tarte holidaze 2015 collection review

For us beauty junkies, the holiday season always starts with Sephora 20% off and all the brands start releasing holiday collections. Sephora Singapore’s VIB 20% off sales typically start a few weeks ahead of the U.S. (usually towards the end of October). After making a serious dent on the wallet during the sales, I was pretty determined not to get any holiday collections this year. But the other day, when I was passing Sephora, I couldn’t help myself but walked into it, and out with this Tarte holiday collection.

Yep, no surprise, I failed, but I have no regrets (the classic syndrome of “addiction”), because this collection is such a bargain! It includes three items: a deluxe size Tarte amazonian clay 12-hour wear blush in fanciful (1.5g), a deluxe size lights, camera, lashes 4-in-1 mascara (4ml) and a deluxe (7ml) Maracuja oil. Priced at S$29.

Tarte amazonian clay blush is one of my favorite blush formulas out there, all the hypes about it is real. I have 4 of them in full size: Exposed, Blissful, Tipsy and Captivating. In my opinion, you can ever have too many blushes, especially if it’s Tarte blushes – if I have the storage room and money, I probably will own every single one of them. This particular shade doesn’t seem to be in the permanent collection range, so perhaps it’s one of those limited edition or palette only shades. It’s a beautiful dusty rose, muted mauve color, perfect for the Fall and will probably look great on all seasons as a no-brainer everyday blush. It has a matte finish, with no shimmer running through it.

tarte amazonian clay blush - full size vs. deluxe size


The quality of this deluxe sized blush is as good as Tarte’s full size blush. Though it’s significantly smaller, anyone has used Tarte blush before will know that it will take you forever to just make a dent on the pan, so I’m actually very happy with this size: great for travel and is going to last very long. One thing to note though, this package doesn’t come with a mirror. But personally I don’t use the mirror included in the compact anyway, so it doesn’t really bother me.

Now on to the mascara. I have always wanted to try this one since its launch, several YouTubers swear by it. But I was hesitant because most mascaras don’t address the issues Asian eyelashes are struggling with: straight, facing down and short. I tried Tarte Gifted amazonian clay smart mascara, and was not wowed by it. I was really happy they included this mascara in the set, it’s the perfect size to try out and I do not have to commit to it, if I don’t like it. So far, I have been quite enjoying it. I would say I like it more than the Gifted smart mascara, it adds a lot of volume and length, very similar to the effect of Chanel Le Volume de Chanel on me. Yes, it definitely doesn’t hold the curl like the Heroine Make Long and Volume mascara, which is still my No.1, but at least it doesn’t weigh down my lashes. When I want serious volume, like on no makeup makeup days, I’ve been reaching for this mascara quite a bit.

The Maracuja oil is another Tarte product I have been keen to try. Initially, I was quite suspicious of a makeup brand releasing a skincare product, but after hearing all the great reviews, I was tempted. Especially now, I’m obsessed with oils, I kinda wish I can try all the facial oils in the world. 7ml is a great size for this purpose, it’s not too big that I have to commit to it (see, I have a bit of commitment issue with beauty products), but it’s not too small either that I cannot use long enough to draw a proper conclusion.

After using it for a few days straight, I have to say I’m impressed. Good job, Tarte! It doesn’t do all the magic things like my beloved Vintner’s Daughter active botanical serum, which I didn’t expect anyway given the price difference, but it does a fabulous job of keeping my face hydrated. My skin is going through a particularly dry phase at the moment, and the Marajuca oil has definitely helped a lot in pumping in sufficient hydration.

It doesn’t have any scent in the bottle, but when I massage it to my face, I did notice a very subtle trace of oil scent, nothing overwhelming though. It absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave a greasy feeling, so I have been even using it at daytime and feeling pretty good about it.

So all in all, I think this is a great holiday collection to pick up, either you are already a Tarte fan like me, or just want to try out some Tarte products before purchasing a full sized one. I couldn’t find this set in Sephora US website, or in Tarte’s official website, so maybe it’s only released in certain countries. If you are in Singapore, run to Sephora and put it to your shopping cart before it’s gone!