So You Want to Add a Nice Shine to Your Hair?

aveda brilliant emollient finish gloss review

I’m quite low maintenance when it comes to hair care. Or to be frank, I’m just lazy. Going through my entire beauty collection, you will notice that I don’t even have a flat iron or curling iron, which is pretty telling, right? I remember every time when I change my hairstyle, my first question to the stylist is always: “is it easy to maintain? I don’t have time to style it every morning.”

As you can see in my previous post here, my entire hair care routine comprises of only 3 products – the tangle teezer, Living proof PHD 5-in-1 styling treatment and Phyto Phytodensium Lifeless Hair Age-Defying Serum. Together, they have served me well. But lately (in the past month or so), when I have extra 2 mins in the morning, I would take a bit of the Aveda brilliant emollient finishing gloss and apply it to the ends of my hair, feeling all fancy. I’ve been really liking the result of it, like it enough that I decided to write a post about it 🙂

aveda brilliant emollient finishing gloss review

I picked it up at Singapore Changi Airport in a whim, as I have been wanting to try something from Aveda for quite a while now. The name of the product really says it all. It’s a finishing gloss (so I actually don’t use it in conjunction with other hair treatment products before going to bed) that moisturizes your hair (at least it appears that way), and gives it a brilliant shine – it’s noticeable enough that others will say “Wow, your hair is so shiny and healthy”, but subtle enough that they wouldn’t think you have applied finishing gloss, a.k.a. my-hair-is-naturally-this-shiny kind of result.

It does have very noticeable scent, so if you don’t like your products have fragrance, you may want to pass this one. But I personally don’t mind it at all, especially when the scent is so fresh and sexy (Okay, maybe only to me) at the same time.

In terms of the consistency, it’s not your typical oil, it’s much thicker, I would say in between oil and gel. That’s why the amount of product you apply is key here. I usually only use half pump for the ends of my hairs (and I do have a lot of hairs!), and it has been working wonders for me. No weighing down whatsoever, feels ultra light and no greasy feelings throughout the day. I have read some reviews online where people complaining it being too greasy, but I think that could be just because they didn’t use the right amount. I’m not kidding, this stuff is potent! One pump is the maximum you will need to achieve the (just right) glossy, shiny, and healthy looking hairs. So I can see this little bottle easily lasts me a few years.

However, I did notice the shine doesn’t last to the next day. So if you want your shiny hair back the next morning, you will have to reapply. The good news it, this glossy serum can be reapplied without weighing down your hairs or become greasy. I have tried applying this two days in a row, and no complains.

Have you tried any Aveda products? I’m now very intrigued to try more products from this brand.