Review: Sarah Chapman Intense Hydrating Booster

sarah chapman intense hydrating booster review

sarah chapman intense hydrating booster review

I have completely used up the Sarah Chapman intense hydrating booster, like every drop of it. Given how much I enjoyed this product, I feel it’s only appropriate to give it a dedicated blog post.

I have tried 3 Sarah Chapman products so far: the overnight facial, the Skinesis Dynamic Defence SPF15 and this hydrating booster.  All of them are lovely, but this hydrating booster in particular, is beyond good. I would even go as far to say this is the best hydrating serum I have ever tried in my entire life, it’s that AH-mazing!

It has an interesting consistence, feels like water, but more sticky – in the good way! Once applied on the face, it absorbs so quickly that a few seconds later, you won’t feel the stickiness anymore, and it just left your skin feeling hydrated and plumped. What makes it stand out among a pile of other hydrating serums is the fact that it feels weightless on the skin, it’s so light that I can use it even during the hottest summer days and won’t feel uncomfortable. It’s great for both day and night, and works beautifully underneath any facial oils and/or moisturizers.

And don’t let the weightlessness fool you, it’s hydrating power is incredible. I have never experienced dry patches ever since I started using it.

One more bonus point of the product is its package. First of all, you can see from the photo above that all the letters are still on the bottle, no rub offs, which probably doesn’t really bother you, but is very important to me. I like a company that puts thoughts and efforts into details like, so even after months and months of intense usage, the package still looks brand new.

Also, the pump design is ingenious. Different from your regular pumps with a rubbery head, this one has a button top, so you press the button to get the product out. And the length of the pump is just right, so it gets almost every drop of the serum out of the bottle – no frustration of not being able to reach the product at the bottom. Literally, I think there were only 6 drops left that I need to pour out towards the end.

If you have dry skin and is having difficulty of finding a non sticky, weightless yet powerful hydrating serum, definitely give it a try. You can get it at, which ships internationally.