Recent Favorite Lip Combo

favorite lip product combinations

When it comes to my lips, I’ve been quite fancy recently, if I may say so myself. Usually, I would just dab some lip balm or grab an “my lip but better” lipstick (discussed here) and dash out of the door. But I’ve been really into the lipstick + lipgloss combo – lip liner is still a one-off occasion for me, I’m just too lazy in the morning.

Two of my favorite combos are: Lipstick Queen Lip Pencil in Nymph + Nars Lipgloss in Chelsea Girl; and Chanel Rouge Allure in Pimpante + YSL Glossy Stain in No. 7.

Lipstick queen lip pencil in nymph and nars chelsea girl lipgloss

I picked the Lipstick Queen lip pencil and Nars Chelsea girls lipgloss in Mecca Cosmetica when I was in Sydney, cannot be happier with the purchase. They are gorgeous by themselves, but even more stunning when combined! The lip pencil in Nymph is described as “playful, provocative pink” on the website, cannot comment on the “provocative” part, but it is a quite unique pink, it swatches as a medium, rosy pink, but shows up much pinker on my lips. The texture of this lip pencil is out of the world, creamy smooth but doesn’t smudge, semi-matte and not drying at all. The color is so unique and beautiful that I grabbed it right away after trying it on my lips, and of course, failed to realize how expensive this thing is! Oh, and did I mention it has a soft, subtle vanilla scent?

When I want to tone down the pink just so slightly and add a bit of shine, I’ll reach for the Nars Chelsea girl lipgloss. This lipgloss was all hyped up over the beauty world, and I’m completely onboard with it! I seriously cannot think of a word to describe the color, it’s not pink, not rosy, not nude, not beige, and not peachy, but rather a perfect blend of them all – it’s a complex, sophisticated color, does it make sense? And coupled with the creamy texture, it might just be the prettiest lipgloss ever!  And by the way, I think it also makes your lips look fuller! 


The second combo is a recent discovery when I was going through my makeup stash. I have had this Chanel lipstick for over a year now, and haven’t really used it much. Because honestly, I’m not crazy about it, it settles in my lip lines, looks a bit patchy and the color doesn’t distribute evenly. But it’s so expensive that I was determined to find a way to use it. So the other day, during a random swatch, I discovered that this lipstick tops with YSL glossy stain No 7, which has been a long time favorite, is perfection! Not only it turns out to be the perfect coral and has a lovely glossy, shiny finish, it also lasts much longer than they would do individually. And even after drinking and eating, it will leave a nice stain on the lips. 

What’s your favorite lip combos? Do you always like to top up lipsticks with lipglosses?