Products I’ve Used Up – 2019 Instalment 2

Can you believe half of 2019 has already come and gone? Seriously, where has the time gone? I feel I have just started accepting the fact it’s the year of 2019 recently, not 2017, and then, boom! We only have 184 days left this year. Before I go into full panic mode, I think I’ll distract myself by going through the products I’ve finished since last time we chatted. 

Products Empty Review 2019

NIVEA Micellar Water: among all the brands of micellar water that I have tried, this is definitely my least favorite. It doesn’t feel as light as I would expect from micellar waters on the skin, and it leaves a foaming residue. 100% would not repurchase. My go-to micellar water brands in the drugstore are still the Simple Micellar Water and the Garnier Cleansing Micellar Water

Drunk Elephant C-Firma Day Serum: if you have read my earlier post on my top 3 Vitamin C serum picks, you probably recall this is one of them, which continues to be the case. Love the fact it sinks into the skin quickly, and layers well with other skincare products. One of Drunk Elephant’s star products for me.

SK-II Genoptics Aura Essence: it’s probably not a product you hear a lot about in the western world, but it’s largely popular and famous in some of the Asian countries, where people are pretty obsessed with brightening and whitening. I hopped on this bandwagon after getting back from a beach holiday, and realized the pigmentation on the top of my right cheek was getting worse. Many months later, I have to say I think it’s working. Not only my pigmentation has gone down, my overall complexion is brighter and more even.  hough I cannot say it’s all due to this, as I’ve also been using Vitamin C serum religiously every morning. Therefore, it’s not an item I would want to run out and purchase a new one immediately, I’ll need to see if I notice any difference without it in my routine.     

Drunk Elephant C-Firma Day Serum Empty Review

Clarins Double Serum: A lovely all-rounded night serum, which feels lighter than a lot of facial oils I have tried, leaves no greasy feeling on the skin. I enjoyed using this enough that I may repurchase this. If you are new to the night serum game, or have always been scared of applying oil to the skin, this is a great one to start with. It calms down my skin whenever it feels irritated, tired, dried out and needs some TLC. 

May Lindstrom The Youth Dew: A very glowy and pricey oil based serum that many people love, and I’m no exception. However, if I had to choose between this and the Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical serum, I would still prefer the latter, which does more for my skin, and lasts a lot longer. 

Soap & Glory Heel Genius Foot Cream: Pretty much the only foot cream I’ve been using and repurchasing over the years. It has the best texture where it intensely hydrates my scary dry feet, but leaves no sticky or greasy feeling whatsoever.

Olaplex Hair Perfector No.3 Empty Review

Olaplex Hair Perfector No. 3: the life-changing hair product for me. Yes, there is no argument that it’s on the pricey side, but it repairs and strengthens my hairs like no other. I use it once a week, and leave it for at least 1 hour before washing it off with shampoo. It leaves my hair much softer, smoother and easier to manage. I have already picked up 2 more during the last Sephora sales. Cannot and I refuse to live without it. 

Benefit Precisely, My Brow no.5: I have concluded that I prefer the precise applicator of this one over the Hourglass Arch brow sculpting pencil, which is many people’s swear by favorites. It gives me better control of where to draw the brow lines. But I have to say, this is unfortunately still not my favorite, I’ve already switched back to the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz granite for 2 main reasons: 1) the color no.5 is too warm, too red for my nature brow, and the ABH granite has the perfect ashy undertone that matches my brow and skin tone; 2) I find the benefit formula a bit too waxy for my liking that it deposited too much color almost every single time.

Hourglass ARCH Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel in Dark Brunette: This has dethroned the Glossier boy brow and become my absolute favorite brow gel. The applicator gets the perfect amount of product every time and distributes evenly without fail, which is where it really outperformed the Boy Brow in my view. Will need to pick up more during Sephora sales.

As I started this series of reviewing empty products in the blog, I have grown to appreciate the feeling of completely using a product more and more. Now as I sit here and calculate the amount of money I have spent on skincare and makeup so far this year, I’m definitely seeing a sharp year over year decline, which you cannot imagine how happy I am. I contribute this achievement (ok, I’m very aware “achievement” is certainly an overstatement, but please let me live in this moment for a bit) largely to my commitment of sharing honest and well-verified product reviews with you all here. So I guess, being a minimalist as far as beauty goes, might be possible for me after all?