Post Travel Skin Rescue Routine

post travel skin rescue routine

Now, it’s going to sound really weird: my skin gets better during the trip, probably because it actually likes the change of temperature and humidity (Singapore is HOT and HUMID all day, every day). But when I’m back from travelling, I usually notice my skin has slightly larger pores, more redness, and dehydrated. In short, a bit confused and angry.

So the day after returning, I would always go through this post travel skin rescue routine, which doesn’t involve that many products. It has been working really well for me, so I thought I would share in case your skin also need a bit of extra TLC.

Starting with a proper cleansing. I turn to the trusty Clarisonic and pair it with the Kiehl’s ultra facial cleanser, which is a basic, gentle and effective, a great all rounder not-too-expensive cleanser.

Followed by Aesop parsley seed cleansing masque. Many YouTubers’ swear by this mask, and I can definitely see why. Unlike many other clay masks outside, this mask doesn’t tighten up your face too much, and it’s so easy to wash off – you don’t need to go through the face several times, and there is no need to particularly rub the areas around the nose to get everything off, you know what I mean! More importantly, it really gets all the grime off your face, leave your skin feeling refreshed.

After two rounds of cleansing, my skin is ready to absorb some “nutritions”, so I’ll reach for a strong hydrating mask. This Aesop blue chamomille facial hydrating masque is new to my skin care arsenal, and it has quickly become one of my favorites. On the face, it feels like a regular gel moisturizer but with cooling effect, and it has the typical Aesop scent – clean, organic and calming. OK, I’m very bad at describing scent, but go to an Aesop shop and you will know what I mean! I’ll leave the mask on for 2-3 hours (though I was told 30mins is enough) and wash it off just before bedtime, and it leaves my skin feeling plumped, hydrated and soothing. SO SO GOOD!

Continuing the calming theme, I’ll end the night with MV organic rose plus booster. No moisturizer, no serum, just massaging this beautiful facial oil all over my face and neck. It has a lovely rose scent (not the fake kind, the organic rose garden kind), goes on lightly and calms down any kind of redness and frustration (yes, I believe skin can get frustrated), and as the name suggested, adds an extra shot of hydrating to the face.

The whole routine takes about 3-4 hours. To make sure I don’t get bored, I’ll usually get myself a cup of tea, chrome cast a long list of YouTube videos or open up Friends on Netflix, while enjoying the home facial treatment.