Possibly The Best Yoga Pants

liquido active yoga pants review

liquido active pattern yoga pants review

A bit of self-disclosure, I like shopping for active wears more than for regular clothes. The joy of trying out new workout clothes is one of those drivers that drag me to the gym every week. Typically, I don’t spend much money on the tops, but I do invest in workout bras and pants, because these are the items I think really makes a big difference.

After much search, I think I have found probably the best yoga pants, Yes, I mean, I like them more than Lululemon ones. It’s by Liquido Active, a Brazil based company, they don’t ship internationally, but they do have various stockists globally. For example, both Pure Yoga and Yoga Inc. studios in Singapore carry a decent range of selections.

Before a colleague of mine introduced me to this brand, I thought it’s not possible that any workout pants can be better than lululemon’s, which I was obsessed with for a very long time. I was wrong, very wrong. You are probably tired of active wear companies using the word “second skin”, but I tell you, this liquido active pants, they really do feel like second skin – they are ultra light, they breath well, they have amazing elasticity, they absorb sweat like nobody’s business. You just feel your legs are hugged by the softest, smoothest material in the world. Put it this way, you don’t feel like you are wearing pants, I know it sounds weird, but it’s true!

I have now accumulated 4 pairs of them, if they ship internationally, you bet I will have like 10 of them already! I don’t just wear them for yoga practice, I often wear them to work on Fridays, I wear them on holidays (they take VERY little luggage space and weight), and they are my go-to pants when I take flight, they are just so damn comfortable!

Also, if you haven’t already noticed, these yoga pants come in very unique designs. I believe they have over 100 patterns on the sites, and they add more designs every month. Some are bold, some are vibrant, some are fresh, some are basics, you can find a style that fits your taste for sure.

These pants also wash well. I hate clothes that require “delicate care”, aka. hand wash only. I’m too lazy for that. It’s fine to throw them into any wash machine, just don’t put them into the dryers. I usually leave them in the room or my tiny balcony for air dry, and because of the material, they dry extremely fast.

I know it sounds awfully like an advertisement, but it’s not. I’m just really passionately in love with these pants. If you are in the market for workout pants, check them out, I assure you that you won’t be disappointed.