Play with Burberry Nail Polish: No. 433 Stone Green

Burberry Nail Polish 433 Stone Green Review & Swatch

I’ve been looking for a nice, sophisticated green nail polish for a long time. Experimented with quite a few, but hasn’t found one that makes my heart scream with excitement, until I stumbled upon the Burberry Nail Polish in No. 433 Stone Green, which just launched as part of its 2017 Spring Collection.

I’ve been a big fan of Burberry beauty since the beginning, all of its products I have tried so far are up there in my favorite list, if not holy grail status, such as the Eye Color Contour Pen (reviewed here), Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base (reviewed here) and a few lippies. Its nail polish, however, is brand new to me.

I don’t often play with nail polishes, and certainly haven’t tried a whole lot of brands out there in the market, so by no means I’m an expert as far as nail polish goes. But I was really impressed with the Burberry nail polish line when playing with it at the store. It has the round flat brush tip (personally, this is my preferred brush shape for nail polish) that allows for easy, quick, yet precise application – not too fat, not too thin, not too stiff and not too bendy.

The Stone Green is a great opaque pale jade green, one coat is all you need for a full coverage. It’s part of Burberry’s runway inspired shades that designed to “reflect British weather and landscape”, which is a pretty spot on description, and is probably the reason I fall in love with this color on first sight. It has a tiny hint of grey undertone, which separates it from other loud, bright forest green nail polish colors, and gives it an understated, sophisticated and classic look and feel, great for Spring and Summer nails.

Burberry Nail Polish 433 Stone Green Swatch

As for the formula, it has a high shine gloss finish, dries quickly, which is very important to me, because I don’t have the patience to sit there and wait for half an hour just for a nail polish to dry down. However, I find it doesn’t last as long as I expected, I started noticing chips on day 3, even though according to the Burberry website, it “contains anti-oxidant pro-vitamin B5 and Myrrh extract to protect nails and prevent breakages”.

And of course, the package of this nail polish continues Burberry’s British chic style, the bottle itself is a nice decoration on the vanity table.

Have you tried any Burberry nail polishes? What color is your favorite?