Pixi Skincare is All Kinds of Awesomeness

pixi skincare review

The other day, a friend of mine was asking me what drugstore (aka. wallet friendly) skincare brand she can try out for her sensitive skin, and all I can think of were Pixi Skincare and First Aid Beauty. But today, let’s talk about Pixi Skincare.


If you scroll through my blog, you probably will notice that I like to invest on my high-end skincare products – it’s my sickness, I know! But I had tried many drugstore skincare brands such as Biore and L’Oreal back in university, and till today, the only ones that have really impressed me (they rival the high-end ones, if not better) and managed to stay in my skincare routine are the ones from Pixi.


Now, full confession, I haven’t tried every single product from Pixi Skincare – if I remember correctly, they have launched quite a few new products late last year – so my rave here is only for the two lovely products I have tried and loved so far: the Pixi glow tonic and the hydrating milky mist.


Pixi Glow Tonic was my introduction to the brand, which is also their best seller I believe. This is one of those few toners that actually do something to your skin and you can feel & see a difference. I have tried Glycolic acid toners in the past, and was slightly obsessed with ever so famous ALPHA-H Liquid Gold for a while, until I realize it was too strong for my skin. So you can imagine my surprise when I tried the Pixi Glow Tonic on the skin, which also contains 5% of Glycolic acid, I felt nothing but comfort and relief. Not sure how the Glow Tonic can be this gentle when its % of Glycolic acid is as high as ALPHA-H Liquid Gold, but I suspect it has something to do with the other two main ingredients: aloe vera and ginseng. It also explains the unique scent of Glow Tonic, which reminds me a lot of ginseng in the best way possible, not overpoweringly herbally, just a nice hint of freshness.


I use it mainly at night, though you can definitely use it day and night, I just personally like to use different products in the morning (and to be honest, I need to share some love to my ever glowing stash of skincare products), and a bottle lasted me about 3 and half months. After finishing one bottle, I definitely see more radiance and glowiness on my face, which lives up to the name “glow tonic”.


Because I liked the glow tonic so much, I decided to pick up the Pixi hydrating milky mist in one of my many cult beauty hauls last year – the combination of “hydrating”, “milky”, and “mist” basically sold me in mere seconds! I love to bring hydrating mist with me, especially to the gym, a quick spritz after workout is what I need to calm down my red face, and this mist does that exceptionally well with the additional hydrating benefits. It packs with hyaluronic acid and with “a blend of black oat, provitamin A, and linoleic acid”, seriously, doesn’t that sound awesome, even though I didn’t know what black oats do and had no idea what are provitamin A and linoleic acid at the time of purchase.


Not only does it calm down my face and adds a surge of instant hydration, the spray itself is great: the mist coming out is very fine so you don’t have to mentally prepared and close your eyes with a sense of fear (or is it just me?) before the pump, and the mist spreads evenly with no water dripping down the face; but at the same time, it’s not too fine that the mist spreads everywhere (mainly the hairs!) and you end up not getting enough hydration on the face, which was the main issue for me with MV Organic Rose Hydrating Mist.


Pixi Skincare is not easily accessible if you are not in the U.S. or UK, but luckily cult beauty has started stocking their products last year (I think?), which is where I got mine. If you are in the market for some new skincare products, but don’t want to invest too much, check out the Pixi Skincare line.