My Favorite Online Beauty Shopping Destinations

favorite online beauty shopping sites

Living in Singapore means it’s often a pain to get my hands on the beauty products (especially the ones have been raved and raved on YouTube, how great is that!) that I’m dying to try, the kind of pain that girls in the U.S. will never understand. Of course I can always wait and get them when I have business trips to the U.S., which I do, but sometimes, I just cannot/don’t want to wait!

So my search for beauty sites that offer international shipping has begun two years ago. Till now, I have curated a list of beauty sites that tick all the boxes: have great selections of products,  and offer FREE international shipping with low minimum purchase (hooray!). I thought I would share with all of you beauty junkies out there, because… sharing is caring. This is the first site I have found, and is still one of my favorite beauty shopping destinations.  1. It offers free international shipping with minimum purchase of £10 (let’s be honest, I can fill the shopping cart with more than £10 worth of products in a blink of eyes). 2. It has a wide range of haircare, skincare and makeup brands, including the ones created by YouTube stars, such as Tanya Burr Cosmetic and Fleur de force. 3. It often has promotions, 10% off, 20% off, 3 for 2 and etc. What a bargain! The name says it all, if you are looking for cult status beauty products, there is no better place to go! I often find myself spend hours and hours browsing the site, because in addition to the well-known cult products, such as Becca highlighter, it also has curated a list of less-known but awesome products, just so many hidden gems waiting to be discovered! Plus, if you are a fan of boutique UK & Australia skincare brands (e.g. Oskia, MV Organic Skincare), is your best chance. They offer free international shipping with minimum order of  £50. another UK based beauty site that has a wide range of European and American beauty brands (over 200 brands). To me, one thing makes it really stand out from the rest is it’s price. For the exactly same product, I often find the price at is slightly cheaper, perhaps it’s because they are charging local currency with very favorable conversion rate. And a bonus point is that they do promotions quite often as well, so wait for that 10% (or occasionally 20%) off discount. They do free shipping to Singapore with minimum order over S$33 SGD (roughly about $25 USD) – not sure about other countries. If you want free international shipping, and want the products to be at your doorstep fast, look no further! Items from above mentioned sites usually arrives in 21 days, but purchase from beautylish arrives in 3 days! Nothing beats the joy of express shipping. more gears towards high-end makeup and skincare brands, brands that empty your wallet but you are still more than happy to let them take your money, such as Charlotte Tilbury, Wayne Goss, CHIKUHODO, to name just a few. It offers free shipping to 31 countries with minimum purchase of $35 USD (the minimum order may vary depends on the country).

So, where do you usually go when you need a bit of beauty retail therapy?