October Beauty Favorite

October skincare and makeup favorite

October beauty favorite

October has been a great month for me:  finally decided to start my own blog (yay!), got lots done at work, enjoyed a whole week of clear blue sky in Sydney, and had a crazy yet pleasant beauty shopping spree – though my wallet would disagree. Cannot believe we are officially at the end of 2015 now, it’s both exciting and scary that the holiday season is literally just around the corner.

Anyway, enough rambling, it’s time to share my favorites throughout the month.

Nars radiant tinted moisturizer in Groenland: It is no other tinted moisturizer or BB/CC cream. It’s very light and quite hydrating, with either hands or a buffing brush, it disappears into your skin, and doesn’t cake up during the day. A nice product if you don’t need or want much coverage.

Bobbi Brown creamy concealer in warm beige: After realizing the cult favorite Nars radiant creamy concealer really doesn’t work on me, I have gone back to this. It doesn’t dry up as the Nars concealer on me, feels much lighter and easier to apply.

Bobbi Brown bronzing powder in golden light 1: This is a bit of cheating, because I have only had for like a week (featured in my large Bobbi Brown haul here), but it has quickly become my No.1 favorite bronzer. Yeah, no kidding, I like it more than Nars Laguna. It was love at first sight! It’s completely matte, but the powder is so silky smooth. Not exaggerating, it applies like a dream – even though the powder is finely milled, it doesn’t dust everywhere when in contact with the brush. It doesn’t add too much color to the face, just lightly warm up the complexion and makes you look healthier. Love, love, love!

Elemis pro-collagen cleansing balm: I finally get on the cleansing balm bandwagon now, why oh why it took me so long! I’ve had this cleansing balm for several months now, it came in a Elemis trial set, which I bought earlier this year. Cleansing balm is genius! I’m officially converted. When I finish this sample, I cannot wait to try the legendary Emma Hardie cleansing balm, we shall see which one works better for my skin type.

Josie Maran daily moisturizer SPF 47: I keep this in my gym bag, it’s a great (possibly the best) moisturizer with SPF protection. I raved about it in my previous post discussing gym beauty products, all I can say is that I have already gotten a full size bottle and cannot wait to start using it.

First Aid Beauty Vitamin spray: Another staple in my gym bag, I like it more, like much more, than other pricy toners I have tried, such as Tata harper floral essence. This is one of the very few toners that actually really does something – hydrates the face, adds a nice glow, calm down the irritation and redness.

Vintner’s daughter active botanical serum: I have a full dedicated post about this facial oil here. In short, it’s life changing, it’s magical, and it’s divine.

Tom Ford Fleur de Portofino: I felt really bad about purchasing this perfume, because it’s SO expensive! But have to say, after getting it, I’ve been really really enjoying it on daily basis. I didn’t wear on any other perfume in October, which is very telling. It’s the most beautiful summer scent, and given Singapore is summer every day, I’m getting lots of use out of it.

The Body Shop Fuji body butter: I go through body shop body butter like nobody’s business. Usually, one jar every one and half months. Of all the ones I have tried, this one is my absolute favorite. The scent is very fresh and refreshing (bonus point: the scent matches well with various perfumes I have on rotation), the texture is not too thick or too runny, and absorbs into body quickly. The next time body shop has promotion, I think I’m gonna get 3 of them.

What’s your favorite in October?