New In: M.A.C. Haul and First Impressions

mac haul and first impressionSo this is what happened: I went in M.A.C. with a clear goal in mind that I JUST need a gigablack extended mascara, which I have been wanting to try for the bottom lash for a very long time, but it was sold out. I should have walked out right away, but if you are a hard core beauty junkie like me, you know it never goes that way. And next thing I know? I’m at the cashier and paying for 5 unplanned purchases. Surprise surprise…

The first thing caught my eye is the limited edition split fiber brush 127SE, one side can be used for powder and the other side for cream and liquid products. I usually have pretty strong will power over M.A.C limited edition products, but this one… Once I saw the package, my feet were basically glued to the floor and couldn’t move. It’s just too cute to pass, I mean, shall we just take a moment or two to admire its beauty? I like the fact that the handle is quite short, which makes it perfect for travel and every day touch up (though I rarely touch up on day to day basis, but hey, I can start doing that right?). The bristles have the perfect amount of softness and density that makes it easy to pick up and deposit the right amount of powder. I don’t care much for the cream side of this brush, as for pretty much all cream and liquid products, I prefer to blend it out with fingers.

Since I’m getting a powder brush, I should get a powder to go with it right? At least that’s how I rationalized it in my head and picked up the mineralized skinfinish in light plus, which I actually have been wanting to try for more than a year now. I don’t own any powder compact, so it really didn’t take much justification to add this to the basket. Typically, my skin doesn’t go along with powders well, no matter how finely milled they are, I always feel it looks cakey. But it’s not the case with the mineralized skinfinish! I’m so stoked! It’s almost invisible on the skin, but somehow smoothes over the imperfection, takes away the shine and adds back the luminosity – very similar to the hourglass ambient lighting powder, but works even better on combination skin, pure perfection!

M.A.C strobe cream is another item that I’ve been eyeing for a while now. Every time I pass a M.A.C counter, I would play with it at the back of my hand, and would always be utterly impressed by its glow-given power and the hydrating property that comes with it. It adds such a nice luminosity to the skin, much more pronounced than my beloved Burberry luminous fluid base, yet still being day time appropriate. And in case you don’t know about it already, the strobe cream is actually in M.A.C’s skincare range, so it contains beneficial skincare ingredients to keep the face plumped and hydrated. I picked a travel size one (30ml for S$15 SGD, isn’t it crazy valuable?!), as a little goes a long way – this little tube can probably last me quite a while.

I also picked up the cream highlighter in hush, which I cannot get off my head after watching Tanny Burr using it and raving about it in her latest summer makeup tutorial. It’s a gorgeous peachy, bronzy, champagne color that screams for the summer and blends onto the skin like a dream, a sweet dream. I have not been able to put it down ever since got it, this is what I would consider a classic, sophisticated highlighter that just makes you look polished and healthy, not nothing over the top. And given the amount of product you are getting in the pot, it’s actually very reasonably priced.

Last but certainly not least, I also got the Luster lipstick in Plumful. I’ve been on a lipstick kick lately, especially the ones along the line of dusty pink and plumy shade, even though it’s not the most season appropriate color for the summer, but who cares, I love it. And the M.A.C luster range is probably my favorite formula for everyday wear – easy to throw on and comfortable to wear all day long.

I have been doing quite a bit of shopping lately, indulging myself in the #feelingspendy mood, so expect more new in/repurchase posts coming your way…