New In: Chanel Rouge Coco Stylo Lipstick in 216 Lettre

chanel rouge coco stylo lipstick review

A few days ago, I passed by Chanel makeup counter and saw a giant display board showing the new Coco Stylo Lipstick in its all gloriousness – yes, it’s been out in the U.S. for a couple of months now, but like always, it takes several months for it to be released in Singapore. I love the Chanel Coco Stylo cream eyeshadow stick, which I believe was a limited edition, so seeing anything that’s in the similar package and appears to be in the same line is an instant attraction to me. And after a quick swatch, I picked up the one in the shade 216 – Lettre, which is a gorgeous medium nude pink everyday shade, seriously, you can never have too many everyday shades, right?

chanel rouge coco stylo lipstick review

In full honesty, I haven’t a big fan of Chanel lip products this whole time. I mean, I only own one Chanel lipstick: Chanel Rouge Allure in 90 Pimpante, which is a pretty coral color, the package is stunning – probably one of my favorite lipstick packages, but the formula is not outstanding in my opinion: it’s a bit drying, isn’t pigmented enough and goes on quite patchy on the lips. The ever popular Coco Rouge Shine is a much comfortable formula, but I just couldn’t justify its price for being such a sheer lipstick.


The Rouge Coco Stylo lipstick turns out to be a nice surprise. It claims to “offer the intensity of a lipstick, the shine of a lipgloss and the hydrating comfort of a lip balm”, and I have to say, it indeed lives up to the claim. I was having quite dry lips the day when I swatched them in the store, but I felt instant relief and hydration when I put them on: they smooth out my lip lines, apply color evenly in one swipe, and even make my lips a bit more plumped, can it be any better? Needless to say, the package is drop dead beautiful and sleek, in true Chanel fashion.


In terms of lasting power, I find it similar to the Chanel Coco Rouge Allure or YSL Rouge Volupté Shine, stays on for about 3 hours – they do transfer or fade away when you eat or drink, which is expected for a creamy and balmy textured lipstick like this. And I have to say, with the whole lip market flooded with long lasting lipsticks, sometimes, it’s nice to just have a shine, comfortable, pretty and not so long-lasting outliner. Also, what worth noting about this line of lipstick is that when it’s on, the hydrating and comfortable feeling lasts the whole time, and the color fades nicely and evenly on the lips, leaves no patchy stains behind. By the end of the day, after multiple times of reapplying, my lips don’t feel sore or dry whatsoever, in fact, they feel softer and more hydrated than they were in the morning- the kind of effect you can expect with a good lip balm!

chanel rouge coco stylo lipstick in 216 lettre

chanel rouge coco stylo lipstick in 216 lettre review

chanel rouge coco stylo lipstick in 216 lettre swatch

Now to the colors, there are 8 shades launched in this line, all of which are gorgeous and extremely wearable, they are not too loud or too nude – the reds are classic and work appropriate, and the nudes have enough pink in them so they don’t turn out to be too washed out. I went with the shade 216 Lettre because it’s the closest to my natural lip color (just a tad pinker), and it’s the kind of color which I know will look good with any makeup or outfit – if you do drop money on a luxury brand lipstick, you want it to be an everyday shade that you can use all the time, rather than a “party only” shade, right? Especially for someone like me that hardly goes to any party… That being said, I do have the itch to pick up more shades from this line, the formula is too good to have just one.


There is only one drawback about this lipstick: you cannot twist up all the product, and if you do, you won’t be able to twist it back. So yes, you cannot tell how much product is there left. The sales associate actually recommended to only twist it once when applying (there is a click sound every time when you twist the tube). And I have found that even with just one twist, I cannot seem to be able to twist it all the way back, so every time when I close the cap, there will be a bit of extra product sticks out, which means I need to be extra careful in order not to smash it.


If you are in the market looking for a new luxury lipstick, check out the Chanel Coco Stylo Lipstick. I would have to say that out of all the Chanel lip products I have tried and swatched, this is definitely my favorite, despite of the one small design drawback.