My Top #sorrynotsorry Beauty Products

top worth the hype high end beauty products

Christmas is less than 30 days away (!!!), with all the gift guides going up at YouTube and holiday promotion emails hitting the inbox at full swing, I thought I would share my top #sorrynotsorry luxury beauty products, ranging from makeup to skincare, to body care and perfume. They would make a great gift for the lovely beauty junkies in your life, or in my case, some of the best presents for yourself – Xmas, along with birthday is the best excuse for splurging, in my opinion. 🙂


When it comes to luxury beauty products, how can one not mentioning Tom Ford? From the package to the quality, it has “luxurious” and “delicious” written all over it. If I have to pick one makeup item from Tom Ford that’s worth investing, I would go with the Tom Ford Eye Defining Liquid Liner Pen. If you are someone who loves winged liner, this will not disappoint you. Yes, I have been loving the Kat Von D tattoo liner in trooper for as long as I have been doing winged eyeliner, and you can read my full lengthy love letter here, but after I started using this Tom Ford liquid liner about a month ago, I think I will have to say I like the Tom Ford one even more, it deserves the “ultimate liquid liner” title.

tom ford eye defining liquid eyeliner pen

It’s a weird feeling, I feel I have cheated my Kat Von D tattoo liner…  Comparing to which, I find the Tom Ford Eye Defining Liquid Liner Pen is even more pigmented (it’s the blackest black liquid liner you can find), more smudge proof and goes on eyelid even smoother. The Kat Von D one starts dragging a bit after you have used it for a month or so, but the Tom Ford one is always as smooth as it’s new. Also, the doubled ended design is pretty cool – one end is thicker, and the other end is skinner, which is even more pigmented. When I’m only wearing winged liner with no eyeshadow, I will use the thicker end. And when I have been playing with eyeshadow, I will use the skinny end to draw a less dramatic line.  


The Tom Ford Eye Defining Liquid Liner Pen is 3 times the price of the Kat Von D tattoo liner, and I don’t know how long it can last yet. So not sure if I will keep repurchasing this, but it’s definitely a nice treat during the special occasions, such as Xmas.


After eyeliner, I want to talk about the ridiculously priced tinted moisturizer: the Chantecaille Just skin anti-pollution tinted moisturizer SFP 15. This is also a recent purchase and new obsession, I have dedicated a full post about this one here. Yes, the price is jaw dropping, but the result is also phenomenal, at least on me. I love a good sheer coverage tinted moisturizer that evens out skintone beautifully, lasts all day, adds a healthy glow and packed with skincare benefits. This tinted moisturizer ticks all the boxes. And I adore the toothpaste package, very travel friendly just pleasant to hold on the hands. One tube of this has 50g, so it does contain more product than your usual BB cream and foundation. It’s the perfect base for no makeup makeup days, and honestly, I have been using it on full-on makeup days as well. Anyone likes/prefers sheer to medium coverage will enjoy this product.   

hourglass ambient lighting palette

hourglass ambient lighting powder palette

Next, is two Hourglass ambient lighting palettes: the ambient lighting blush palette and the ambient lighting powder palette. Unfortunately, the ambient lighting blush palette is not available anymore, it has been replaced by the Hourglass ambient lighting edit palette, which personally, I’m not crazy about, especially after learning how little product it contains.


If you can still get your hands on the original blush palette, get it right now, don’t think twice, it’s too gorgeous to miss out! It includes three shades: Luminous Flush, Incandescent Electra and Mood Exposure. This is my favorite blush palette in the world, the texture is incredible, the shade is incredible, everything about it, is. Incredible! If I can only use one blush palette for the rest of my life, it would be this one, no doubt about it. It’s such a shame that Hourglass has discontinued it.


The Ambient lighting powder palette is still available, and I strongly urge you to get it while you can. It truly is a multi-task palette, I use it to set makeup, to highlight, and also to do eyeshadow. It took me a while to finally understand how awesome this palette is, but now I know, and I never want to go without it. I also have a full review on how I use different shades in the palette with different brushes here. If you like powder, or haven’t been happy with all the powders in the market, look no further. This ambient lighting powder palette is a sure winner.  


The next item is a skin care product. All these years I have been obsessed with skincare (the history is much longer than makeup), this is the most expensive, most luxurious and most investment worthy product I have ever owned. It is the Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum. It’s one skin care product that if I don’t use it for a week, I will start missing it and the thought of running out of it will freak me out – on a side note, apparently now carrys this product now, which is the best news ever, as they do international shipping! So my fear of not being able to get a new bottle has finally subsided. It’s good skin in a bottle, after using it for a month, my skin has become much softer, hydrated, and glowy. I have a more in depth review here. In short, if you want to have one skincare product that addresses all concerns, this is probably your best bet.


Now we turn to body care, my absolute No.1 body care product is the Kiehl’s Creme de Corps Soy Milk and Honey Whipped Body Butter. It is pure enjoyment to slather this to your body after shower. A lot of people have raved about Josie Maran whipped body butter, which I also like, but the Kiehl’s one, in my opinion, is at a whole new level – it’s creamy yet not sticky at all (I found it very difficult to accurately describe the texture, as it’s nothing like any other whipped body butter I have ever tried), it feels light on the skin but hydrates excellently, it absorbs very fast and keeps your body moisturized for the whole day. And the smell? So so good! It’s how I imagine the yummiest dessert in the world would smell like. I cannot tell you how many times I was tempted to taste it. A regular sized jar (8 oz.) is S$75, very pricy for a body butter, but with all the promotions going on, it will be the perfect opportunity to treat yourself.  

tom ford fleur de portofino perfume

Ending this list with yet another Tom Ford product, the Fleur de Portofino perfume. I went through a lot of mind battling before handing out my credit card. S$330 for 50ml of perfume to me is unheard of, and in full disclosure, I wasn’t thinking clearly the day I purchased it – I probably just needed a retail therapy to get some negative thoughts/feelings out of my head (we all do that, right?). I still feel a bit guilty from time to time, but oh man, this scent is really divine. It’s the perfect fresh summer in a bottle: sweet but not too girly, sexy but not too overpowering. I can just hold the bottle and smell it all day long.


It’s very potent, so 50ml is going to last quite long, at least that’s how I have been telling myself. It lasts well on me, after spraying it in the morning (around 8am), by the time I go to the gym at night (around 7pm), I can still smell it when I move around and doing exercises like sit-ups. The packaging is also gorgeous, which makes it a brilliant Xmas gift.    


So here is my list of top beauty products that are worth the $, hope it gives you some ideas when deciding on which gifts to pick up for others or yourself during this holiday season!