My Most Repurchased Skincare Products

Everyone knows me would agree that when it comes to skincare, I’m anything but loyal. I like to discover new skincare brands, and cannot stop myself from constantly testing out new products – it’s basically one of my most expensive hobbies, but don’t be surprised, there are a few things in my skincare shelf that I hold dear and close, they have a permanent spot, and I make sure to get a backup whenever they run low. So I thought I would go through my stash, and talk about my most repurchased skincare products today.

Most repurchased skincare products

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence: This is probably my third, or fourth bottle? I usually get a fresh bottle of 230ml during the Christmas or new year holiday season, and they would last a whole year for me. The SK II facial treatment essence is a funny product, because after all these years, I still cannot quite place what’s special about it, or what exactly it does to my skin, all I know is that when I’m not using it, my complexion is not as bright, and I don’t look as refreshed. Let’s just say I always have a better skin day when I have this in my daily routine.

Pixi Glow Tonic: I have this in both 250ml and 100ml sizes, because you know, I don’t want to travel without it. I honestly cannot remember how many bottles of this I have gone through, so it helps it’s very affordable. The Pixi glow tonic is many people’s favorite, and it’s for a good reason. It’s a beautiful exfoliating toner that contains 5% glycolic acid – it’s gentle enough that I can use it daily both AM and PM without any irritation. Every time when I stop using it for a little while, I would notice my skin becomes less glowy, less refreshed and more prone to get small bumps here and there.

most repurchased skincare products - simple micellar cleansing water, pixi glow tonic, SK II facial treatment essence

Simple Micellar Cleansing Water: I think I actually prefer the Simple Micellar Water over the Bioderma one, I know, isn’t that mental? Don’t get me wrong, Bioderma Micellar Water is still a wonderful product, and I would never complain if I have one, but the Simple Micellar Water is much more wallet friendly, and you can always get them while they are on discount at the drugstore. Just like the Bioderma, Simple has no noticeable scent, is very gentle on the skin, but uber effective at the same time in taking off makeup and any trace of grime on the skin. I literally cannot think of one thing that’s not good about it.

Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum: Price wise, this is the most expensive permanent residence in my skincare shelf, but I love it to bits. I have gone through 2 bottles of this, and the love for it hasn’t gone down a bit. Even with practically a whole box of facial oils I possess, the Vintner’s Daughter one is still my most used oil serum, I like the garden-ish smell, I like how it makes skin feel like it has just had the most relaxing facial spa. You can use it as serum right before moisturizer, but most nights, I would just use it on its own – massage six drops to my entire face and neck, and just wake up to more radiant, more plumped skin.

Vintner's daughter active botanical serum review

Shiseido Facial Cotton Pads: Does this count as a skincare product? I’m gonna say it is in this post. Cotton pad is one of those products that you don’t think actually matter until you have tried the right one. Before I get into the Shiseido Facial Cotton a few years back, I just accepted the fact that all cotton pads will tear, thread and leave a few traces of cotton on your face every time you use them. But no, that’s not true. A good cotton pad is so soft on the skin that it feels like an angel’s kiss, and it doesn’t thread into thousands of pieces after use. I have gone through countless packs of this, and have no intention to stop doing so. And if you compare the price of this one to other brands find in the drugstore, the price difference is actually very minimum, though I do noticed this particular product is significantly more expensive in the US than it is in Asia, go figure…

Looking at the list, I’m actually surprised that out of the 5 most re-purchased products, 3 of them are actually very affordable, which just comes to show that there are some kick ass skincare products in the drugstore, or at least at the drugstore price range.  My friends always complain that the products I recommend are usually too expensive ( yes, I totally get it, not everyone is willing to put their house’ down payment towards skincare, and rightfully so!), but you see, I do have some solid recommendations that are reasonably priced, right?