My Favorite Skincare Finds From Glossier

The two skincare products I have been enjoying lately both happen to be from Glossier, the brand that I have been a little obsessed with since the beginning of their launch. As a self-proclaimed fangirl, I have managed to get my hands on a number of their skincare offerings (despite of residing in a country where direct shipping is not an available option), and these two, that you are about to hear me rambling about are my favorite out of the bunch.

The two skincare products in question are Invisible Shield Daily Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 35 and Priming Moisturizer Rich, both are aesthetically pleasing to look at (Glossier never fails when it comes to product package) and comfortable to put on the skin.

Glossier invisible shield sunscreen spf 35 & priming moisturizer rich review

my favorite Glossier skincare products review

The Glossier Invisible Shield Daily Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 35 has quickly become one of the my favorite daily sunscreen after just a few uses. It comes out in a translucent gel texture, that goes on lightweight on the skin, leaves no greasy residue (so you can kiss goodbye that sticky feeling) and absorbs into the skin in a mere seconds, no white cast whatsoever. It does leave a hint of shine after application, but it’s that “wow, your skin looks really glowy and radiant” kind of shine, rather than “hmm, you could really use a bit of mattifying powder” skin of shine. In comparison to the Benefit Dream Screen SPF 45, which I just reviewed here recently, the Glossier one is definitely less invisible, but feels more comfortable on the skin throughout the day.  

Glossier invisible shield daily sunscreen spf 35 review

It wears well on its own or under makeup, doesn’t make any of my foundations peel or bunch up. It has a faint scent to it, which I have the hardest time to describe, but it’s fair to say it’s not your typical sunscreen, chemical smell, and is quite pleasant if you ask me. I’ve already gotten 2 back ups sitting in my shelf, that’s how you can tell I’m in love.

That being said, I’m not saying everything is perfect about this sunscreen. As much as I love the package aesthetically, I’m not that happy with the bump that delivers the product itself. Not quite sure if I’ve gotten a bad batch, but about halfway through the bottle, I find it pretty difficult to get the remaining product out. So many times I have been standing there and keep pushing the bump, and wondering if the product is ever going to come out, even though I can clearly tell there are some remaining in there.

Glossier invisible shield daily sunscreen spf 35 review

Oh and before I forget, this is a chemical sunscreen, which means if you have sensitive skin, or tend to get irritated easily with sunscreen in general, you may want to test it out on your arms before putting it on your face, as chemical sunscreen is more likely to cause irritation than physical sunscreen.

The moisturizer that I’ve been putting underneath this sunscreen is Priming moisturizer RICH. I have tried a few packs of samples of the original Glossier priming moisturizer, which I don’t have strong sentiments about, I don’t dislike it but I cannot figure out how can it fit into my routine – it’s not rich enough to be a moisturizer, and a bit thick to be a primer for my liking. The priming moisturizer rich fixes that dilema for me. It feels luxuriously thick on the touch, but spreads and melts into the skin quickly once it’s on.

Glossier priming moisturizer rich & invisible shield spf 35 review

When I first purchased it in New York in February, I was worries that it wouldn’t have enough moisturizing power to rescue my dry and jetlagged skin. But after one night of use, I was pleasantly surprised. It really acts as a skin barrier and locks in moisture, and I can still feel it after one night of sleep. I wouldn’t say it’s as powerful and magical as the La Mer moisturizing cream, and it doesn’t have the same repair and nourishing power, but giving it’s literally just one tenth of the astonishing La Mer price, it’s a good damn alternative. As a matter of fact, this and the Lixirskin Universal Emulsion have been on heavy rotation, when I don’t feel the need to pull out my La Mer moisturizing cream.

Glossier priming moisturizer rich review

This jar contains 50ml of the product, and has lasts me quite well with both day and night use. A little goes a long way, especially if you use it as a day moisturizer in hot weather like I do. It has a subtle, calming, and fresh lavender scent, which I assume no one will be mad at? And the package, I don’t mean to repeat myself again and again, but just look at it, isn’t it something you want to stare at all day and all night?