My Favorite Japanese Drugstore Beauty Picks

I’ve had two weeks of super vacation in Tokyo recently, which was a much needed break mentally and physically. As part of the vacation, I obviously did a lot of beauty shoppings (dah, is anyone surprised?). However, taking in the lessons I have learned from previous trips, I have focused more on stocking up my favourite products, rather than going all out and buying up everything that’s new. Looking at the large pile of products I hauled throughout the two weeks, they are all from the drugstore, which is where the Japanese beauty products really shine in my personal opinion. So today, I thought I will share with you my favorite picks from the Japanese drugstore that are 100% worth stocking up for.      

my favorite Japanese drugstore makeup picks

Heroine Make Kiss Me Waterproof Mascara:

This is an obvious one, the only mascara that I always go back to (I think I have gone through 10 of them till this point). It gives you that long, separated lashes that don’t smudge or budge even if you cry for like two hours, and more importantly, it holds the curl ALL DAY LONG, which is the dream for most of our Asian girls with straight lashes that refuse to curl. Heroin Make has expanded its mascara line over the years, but I still stick to the two OG ones, which are the Long & Curl Waterproof Mascara, and the Volume & Curl Waterproof Mascara.

best Japanese drugstore makeup recommendations

Depends where you live, you can get this mascara on Amazon or local drugstores like Watsons or SaSa, but they are literally twice the price of they are in Japan, so I’ve stocked up 7 tubes of them this time.

Heroine Make Kiss Me Speedy Mascara Remover:

The only downside of the Heorin Make Kiss Me mascara is that it’s very difficult to take off, even with the best eye makeup remover I’ve found in the market – I often need to go back and forth  on the lashes and always involves some rubbing, which just cannot be good for the skin I would think. So discovering the fact that they now make a mascara remover that’s specifically designed for strong waterproof mascara was huge! I picked up one initially to try it out, and ended up going back the next day to stock up 4 more.

Heroine Make Kiss Me Speedy Mascara Remover review

It’s oil based, packaged just like its mascara, very easy to apply on to the lashes. The oil breaks down the mascara quickly, I then like to follow up with my usual bi-phase eye makeup remover to go over the lid and lashes to take off the residue completely. Much less rubbing and sweat! It also contains ingredients that are actually good for your lashes, such as the Ginseng root extract, Almond oil and etc. is just cheery on the top! Highly recommend it if you are a fellow waterproof mascara lover. You can get it on Amazon (this is a great set) or Watsons

Heroine Make Speedy waterproof mascara remover review

Love liner liquid:

This liquid liner has been the most exciting liquid eyeliner discovery for me in this trip. In full disclosure, even though I said I focused on buying products that are already tested and loved, I ventured out with liquid eyeliners and bought a bunch of them, among which, this has been a clear winner. It’s pigmented – better pigmentation than the Kat Von D tattoo liner, the EM liquid eyeliner, and the CLIO liquid eyeliner, pretty much on par with the Lancome Grandiose eyeliner, it has a very nice brush tip that doesn’t split, it dries down quickly, it doesn’t budge all day, and it’s nicely weighted. It ticks all the boxes for me as long as liquid eyeliner goes, I’m just happy every time I look at it.

Love liner liquid eyeliner review

Love liner liquid review

The only drawback? It’s not easy to get a hold of if you are not in Japan.

Kate Tokyo eyebrow pencil

I would go as bold as saying that Kate Tokyo makes some of the best brow products in the drugstore, this eyebrow pencil is just as good as Anastasia Beverly Hills’ in my opinion. Since I purchased it last year, I’ve been using it exclusively. It has the most danity package so can fit into any makeup bag, has the perfect texture so it’s pigmented enough but never gets too heavy, very easy to use and stays well on the brow. Also, if you are looking for brow products that has more color selections in the ash tone family, this is a good one to look into.

Yes, it doesn’t have a spoolie, which is not ideal, but honestly, it’s not a deal breaker for me.

Excel Skinny Rich Eyeshadow Quad

A well thought out neutral eyeshadow quad always gets me, like this Excel skinny rich eyeshadow quad in SR03 Royal Brown. Even though all 4 shades are shimmery, they are surprisingly easy to get a complete everyday look, the powders are very creamy and soft, easy to glide on and stays well on the lid. They are not the most pigmented eyeshadows in the market, the colors are rather soft and light (reminds me a lot of the Suqqu eyeshadow quad), which is actually perfect for a eyeshadow newbie like me – less room for mistakes, lower chance of mess up.  

Excel skinny rich eyeshadow quad review

Excel Skinny Rich SR03 Eyeshadow Quad Review

FLOWFUSHI  38°C lip treatment

Flow Fushi is a new brand discovery for me during this trip, which apparently has been the most popular brand in the drugstore in Japan at the moment, their products are highly sought after and constantly sold out. I picked out this lip 38°C +3 and +5 lip treatment, as well as their mote eyeliner and mascara, both of which I haven’t used enough to give a proper review, but the lip treatment is instant love. It’s pretty interesting concept that it thinks the most natural and flattery lip color is when your lip is at the temperature of 38°C. The line consists of 5 colour options based on your original lip colour.

FlowFushi 38C Lip Treatment Review

I love it! Not so much on the concept, but the fact it’s just a great lip gloss – very light pigment, no fragrance, not sticky, the right amount of shine, exceptionally comfortable on the lip, moisturizing and offers sun protection (hallelujah!), makes your lips look juicy and healthy. It also claims to improve your lip conditions over time, but we shall see about that. 

FlowFushi 38C Lip Treatment +5 review

It looks great on its own or over other lip products, definitely check it out if you step into a drugstore in Japan. If you are not in Japan, this lip treatment is available through everglow cosmetics, which seems an online beauty site catered to Japanese beauty products and ships internationally.

I’ve picked up a few more products in the drugstore (I would give myself a serious pat on the back if I actually stopped with only 6 products), but they need to go through more tests before I can give them a final verdict. So stay tuned for more updates to come!