My Everyday Lipsticks

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everyday lipsticks for work

I’m not overly obsessed with lipstick, at least that’s what I thought, until I started counting how many lipsticks I have in my Muji acrylic case. For someone that’s often not bold enough to wear bright or out there lip colors, is X a bit too much? Or maybe it’s not?

Anyway, I thought I would share what are the lipsticks I pick up on daily basis:

Marc Jacobs Eat Cake: This has got to be my favorite, most used, well loved lipstick. This whole new nude lipstick line launched by Marc Jacobs earlier this year is brilliant. There is nothing bad to say about this formula: it’s velvety, creamy, opaque but not too intense, doesn’t sit in the fine lip lines, doesn’t dry your lips. Basically, all the positive words I would use to evaluate a lipstick. But what makes this line so outstanding is its shade range. Now, nude is relative, a nude color for a pale skin person may be way too light for darker skin tone, and something nude for a darker skin girl may turn out to be too pink for a light skin tone. Marc Jacobs’ new nude line has the nude shade for probably every skin tone. So for someone has rather pigmented lips, I was so thrilled to find Eat Cake, the perfect nude, my lip but better shade. It’s in my bag almost every day, and travels with me everywhere.

Revlon lip butter in Juicy Papaya: It’s a very yummy name, and actually a very appropriate name. It does remind me of the juicy papayas I have seen in Thailand, the kind of papaya that’s just ripe and at its prime stage. It has the perfect blend of orangy, peachy and pinky colors. On my lip, it adds a bit of color and the right amount of shine. Great for no makeup makeup look. It’s my hands down favorite drugstore lipstick product. And among all the shades I own from this line, Juicy Papaya is no doubt my favorite.

Dior Lip Maximizer Lip Glow: I don’t use it as often as I used to (because I have been distracted by the Marc Jacobs Eat Cake), but every now and then, when I pull it out from the draw, I ask myself why I ever stopped using it?! On me, it doesn’t have the same tingling feeling as its sister lip gloss has, but it has the right amount of hydration and adds this magical, hard-to-describe color to my lips. It supposes to adjust to your lip color, so will end up looking different on every person. I’m always skeptical about those “self-adjustment” makeup products, but I kinda feel this one really does deliver that results. When I apply it, it doesn’t look like I have any lipstick on, and just makes my lips look fuller and juicer. It’s only when I see my lip marks on glasses, or when I wipe down my lips, I will see a noticeable hint of pink. Don’t know how they did it, but I’m digging it.   

marc jacobs eat cake swatch

Dior Crème de Rose: OK, this is not a lipstick, but it is something I use ALL THE TIME. When I don’t want any color on my lips, or just simply too lazy to re-apply lipstick, or just want to add a bit of sun protection, I pull out this one. It actually adds the tiniest bit of pinky shine to your lips, but it’s so subtle that no one will even notice, they will just think your lips look hydrated and healthy(?), everyone loves that right? Use it alone, or as a base, it’s equally nice!

What’s your favorite everyday lipsticks?