My Best Beauty Discoveries in 2018 – Makeup Edition

Surprisingly, it wasn’t so difficult to pick up my favorite makeup discoveries this year, partially because I’ve gotten more comfortable with the idea of following a specific routine for months and weeks, which gives me plenty of time to give a product a lot of tests under all scenarios, partially also because these new discoveries are just so damn good that they kick all other new purchases out of the water. Please be warned, it’s a bit Charlotte Tilbury heavy…

Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Hollywood filter

How can I ever forget about the Flawless Hollywood filter? There isn’t anything quite like it in the market. It wears nicely as a base for the foundation, reflects lights the right way that distracts people from the imperfections on your face; also works wonders as a foundation mixer (works with all my foundations) to add that extra glow and sheen; also goes beautifully as a subtle highlighter, if you are into cream highlighter. Really, it’s a beautiful, healthy skin in a bottle. Everything I said in this previous review post still stays true.

I wear the shade 2, which is a nice champagne color that isn’t too golden or silvery. But to be warned, a little goes a long way, I would normally only do one dip for the entire face, otherwise, it has the tendency to become slightly heavy on my skin.

Charlotte Tilbury Contour Wand

The Charlotte Tilbury Contour Wand in the shade fair to medium is easily my favorite bronzer of all time, it has gone to almost all the trips with me this year. I mean, I literally would not understand how can anyone not love this. It has the perfect color that strikes the right balance of warm tone and cool tone, so I can use this for both bronzer and contour purpose. It blends like a dream (I know, a very overused term in the beauty community, but trust me on this one, it works like a dream!), a few dabs with the beautyblender or your brush of choice, it leaves you with the most natural and healthy color on the face. You can go from 0 to 100 in 30 seconds!

Some people may not like the sponge applicator, but personally I like it a lot. I find it very easy to get the right amount of product, and deposit on the right place with this applicator, though you need to remember to twist the cap that’s connected to the sponge applicator to the “off” position every time after use, otherwise, it’s a nightmare! Also, I wish it has more product in the tube for this price, I don’t think I have ever gone through a makeup product this fast.  

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Beauty Light Wand

I told you it’s Charlotte Tilbury heavy, didn’t I? I’m about to make another bold claim here, her Hollywood Beauty Light Wand is my all time favorite highlighter. That’s right, I’m happy to be just using just the Contour Wand and the Hollywood Beauty Light Wand as my only contour and highlight products for the rest of my life!

It has everything I ever wanted a highlighter to be: a highlight that doesn’t emphasis texture, gives you the most beautiful glow with absolutely no trace of shimmer or glitter, doesn’t scream for attention, but definitely noticeable in the best way possible, and blends easily on top of either cream or powder. Every time when I see a photo of myself during the holiday, and thinking “wow my highlighter looks good”, 10 out of 10, it’s this one on my face. Can any highlighter be better than this? I highly doubt so.

RMS Beauty ‘Un’ Cover-up Concealer

I’m now temporarily done with my Charlotte Tilbury obsession, and would switch gear to talk about the only non-Charlotte Tilbury product that has made my top makeup discovery, and it is the RMS beauty ‘Un’ Cover-up Concealer in the shade 11, which has also been my most used concealer of the year.

If you have read my previous review on the Glossier stretch concealer, you would know that I prefer a hydrating concealer for the under eye, as I have no intention to call more attention to my fine lines, but have found the stretch concealer sometimes just a bit too emollient that it moves around too much. This RMS ‘Un’ Cover-up concealer has answered my prayer. It has the right amount of hydration that doesn’t dry out my under eye, has the right amount of pigmentation to cover my dark circle without looking heavy or mask-ish, and with the help of a little setting powder, it stays put for long time, with minimum creasing, no slipping or sliding whatsoever. Though it doesn’t cover spots, I find it sufficient to lighten the discolorations on the skin.  

As usual, I purchased these items from cultbeauty, for their easy international shipping and always seems to have the good stuff I”m looking for, totally a God send for beauty junkies like myself that don’t have easy access to a lot of products like our fellow Americans do.

Last but certainly not the least, hope all of you are having a great holiday and a fantastic 2019!