Loving the Kiehl’s Rare Earth Pore Refining Tonic Now

kiehl's rare earth pore refining tonic reivewI have always been a fan girl of Kiehl’s, from skincare to body care to hair care, they have gotten some boom products in each category, and usually with a reasonable price tag. So once in awhile, I will take a random stroll in Kiehl’s store, and pick up something new to try. Recently, I got my hands on the Rare Earth Pore Refining Toner, because well… the name, the package, the ingredients list, everything sends a positive sign to me. And I was right! It’s quite a unique and surprisingly effective toner, delivers what it says in the bottle.

We all love a good pore refining/minimizing product, especially around the nose area, right? If you have no visible pores on the face, then..go away! Just kiddingly, please share what’s your secret, please!!! Anyway, I have tried a few from various brands in the past, but nothing really impressed me. So naturally, I wasn’t expecting anything miraculous from this toner, until I started using it. It’s a bi-phase product with Amazonian clay sitting at the bottom, so you have to shake it really well and mix them together, which turns it into a thicker, milky texture, then either pouring it to the palm and pat over the face, or use with a cotton pad. I personally like to use a cotton pad, even though it means some product will get wasted and soaked into the pad.

It doesn’t have noticeable scent, like all other Kiehl’s skincare products, which is many people’s preference when it comes to facial care. When applied to the face, not only does it remove excess dirt that builds up throughout the day or night without stripping off the necessary oil on the face, it also leaves a cooling and calming sensation, which is just the best in this hot weather. After using it for a few days straight, I did notice my pores are much less clogged! How about the pore refining and minimizing part? If you ask me, I would say I did notice some improvement, but again, that could be my physiologically tricking myself. So I’ll have to give it more time to test out that claim.

The other unexpected benefit of this toner is that it balances my skin and prepares a perfect canvas for makeup. It’s not drying whatsoever, but manages to keep the oily T-zone area in the bay, and foundation going on so smoothly, like you have used a two-in-one smoothing and mattifying primer, except it’s just this toner! I noticed when I use this toner in the morning, I don’t have to power my face as much, that’s quite incredible if I may say! That being said, I would recommend using a good moisturizer afterwards, as one time when I forgot to follow up with moisturizer/facial oil at night (was too sleepy to complete the entire skincare routine, that happens sometimes…), my skin ended up being much drier than usual the next morning.

All in all, I think it’s a great toner if you have combination to oily or oily skin, but if you have combination to dry or dry skin, maybe try out the sample first before committing a full bottle.