Loving at the moment: Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder + Tom Ford Cheek Brush

bobbi brown bronzing powder with tom ford cheek brush

bobbi brown bronzing powder with tom ford cheek brush

I go through phases with bronzers. There are days when I want to embrace my pale face, and there are days I don’t want to leave my home without slathering bronzer all over my face. Right now, I’m in the latter phase, as you can probably tell from the title of this post 🙂

The obsession started when I got my hands on the Bobbi Brown bronzing powder in the shade golden light 1, and it got elevated to a whole new level when I found its match in heaven – the Tom Ford Cheek Brush.


Though it was purchased in late October, the Bobbi Brown bronzer has quickly climbed up the ladder and become my holy grail bronzer. Putting aside the fact that the package alone is to die for (I cannot get enough of Bobbi Brown’s classic, chic and simple yet sophisticated packaging), the texture of this bronzer is really dreamy. On the pan, it doesn’t look anything special, just like any other matte bronzer you can find in the market. But when swatched, you will understand why it comes with a high price tag. This is one of those products that truly lives up to the phrase “silky smooth”, I didn’t know a matte bronzer can be so soft, so natural, and blends so incredibly well until now. As it rightfully claimed, it has the perfect balance of red and brown, gives me the most natural sunkissed glow I have ever had. It’s buildable, so you can either create a subtle bronzed look or build up the intensity to look like a bronze goddess with no trace of hard lines. Since the day I bought this, I haven’t even touched my NARS Laguna bronzer and the Hourglass Luminous bronze light ambient lighting bronzer (what a mouthful product name!), which tells you a lot!

But, we all know, a dreamy bronzer is not complete without the right brush. I have tried different brushes with this bronzer: the Bobbi Brown powder brush, which works pretty well, and the M.A.C 187 duo fiber brush, which is a bad match, it kicks up powder and doesn’t pick up enough product, probably because this bronzer’s texture is too creamy and soft. The other day, I was looking at my brush stash, and out of nowhere, I decided to give the Tom Ford cheek brush a go. Boom! Just like that, I found the perfect brush for this bronzer, they are made for each other!

A bit of background of this Tom Ford cheek brush. I purchased this when I was deeply obsessed with everything Tom Ford – I still am, but have better control now – and thought it will be the perfect brush for my Tom Ford blush, I mean, just by putting them together on the table gave me goosebumps. But I was wrong, this brush doesn’t work well with highly pigmented blushes, like the Tom Ford ones. So this brush has been sitting there collecting dust for quite a long time, and every time I look at it, my heart hurts a bit, it’s so expensive and I couldn’t find a way to use it!

Now, everything has changed, I’m finally happy with this purchase! This cheek brush makes the application of the Bobbi Brown bronzing powder even better, and I didn’t even know it can be any better when I was using other brushes. It’s dense so it picks up just the right amount of product, and it’s so soft that it blends out the bronzer like a dream without disturbing the foundation/BB cream. The shape of this brush is also brilliant! You can use it sideways to place the bronzer along the hairlines, to the hollows of the cheeks and do a bit of subtle contour, and then turn it to the front to blend out the product seamlessly for a very natural finish.

bobbi brown bronzing powder with tom ford cheek brush

This brush has the right weight on the hand: it’s not too light that it feels cheap, but it’s not too heavy either that it’s a pain to hold it for too long, because trust me, you would like to brush this against your face longer than necessary, it just feels so damn good! You totally feel like a makeup artist when using this brush. And do I need to say how gorgeous it looks? Black and gold, it is a classic beauty!

Now, after writing this post, I feel like I need to wash off my face and apply the bronzer all over again. This combination of Bobbi Brown bronzing powder and Tom Ford cheek brush is just pure addiction.