Let’s Talk About Foundation Brushes

most used foundation brushes

I was once excessively obsessed with makeup brushes (still am obsessed, but have regained some self control) and went on a shopping spree for months. Drugstore or high-end, I want them all. So yes, I have accumulated more brushes than I should (no shame though if you ask me…)

With a large number of brushes to play with, Darwin’s theory of evolution (sort of) takes place throughout last year: the good ones survived my big clean out and been promoted to my daily routine, and the weak ones either been sent away to a different place or go straight to trash bin – I just really want to have a clutter free space now!

Anyway, after the usual long intro, let’s go right into the topic and talk about the survivors.

Real Techniques buffing brush (seems like can only be purchased through the core collection?) is an oldie but a goodie. I’m seriously impressed at how long this brush has last and what a good condition it is still in, even after so much usage and honestly, not much care has been given to it. It hasn’t shed even a bit, still as soft as always, and blends out foundations beautifully and seamlessly. It works well with all types of foundations and BB creams I own, which is a sure plus.

Zoeva makes some of the best drugstore brushes. In my opinion, its 102 Silk Finish Brush is definitely up there and rival with some of the top rated buffing brush out there in the market (drugstore or high end). It’s a dome shaped brush, much rounder and more densely packed than the Real Techniques one, and is the firmest among all three foundation brushes I rotate. But don’t be fooled, even though the bristles are dense, it’s very soft when working foundation to the face, and because of its rather big working area, it completes the job in mere seconds! I got mine from the rose gold collection.

Bobbi Brown full coverage face duo ended brush (limited edition, but the regular full coverage face brush is permanently available) is very much like a fancy version of the Real Techniques buffing brush but a bit easier to control and with slightly smaller working area. I actually don’t use the concealer end all that much, as I’m in the phase of applying foundation all over the face, literally, and not apply any concealer to the under eyes. Embracing my dark circles! I adore the small size of this brush and its short handle, which makes it an ideal travel companion. I quite like the fact that it’s slightly firmer than the Real Techniques buffing brush, because it means it’s easier for me to control the force I’m using and the buffing direction I’m going with, I also noticed it provides a smudge more of coverage than the Real Techniques one when used with the same foundation. One downside of this brush though, I find it much more difficult to clean comparing all the other brushes I own (not just foundation brushes!). It seems like no matter what I use to wash it, it doesn’t feel 100% clean, which honestly, bothers me quite a bit. If you have this brush, do you happen to have the same issue?