June Beauty Favorites

july beauty favorites

June has been a very hectic month at work, lots of things seem to happen at the same time. So makeup wise, I have been going really low maintenance and just sticky to those true-and-tested products – you know, a familiar routine can save so much time in the morning.

Burberry Eyeshadow Colour Contour Pen in Rosewood has been my go-on on the days I’m wearing makeup, it’s such an easy-peasy, throw on and done product that’s just perfect for a busy morning. Plus it goes on well almost any blushes and lipsticks, and lasts ALL DAY LONG! I’ve a full review here, and no words can describe how obsessed I’m with this little tube of wonder right now.

In the cheek department, Tom Ford Blush in Love Lust has been my favorite for the month of June. It’s a gorgeous coral color with a slight hint of brown undertone, has very finely milled shimmer running through it but nothing too loud, the texture is creamy to the touch and feels luxury against the skin. To me, it’s the ultimate summer color that brings so much youth and luminosity to the face.  

The Tom Ford blush is crazily pigmented, so I only use the RMK Cheek Brush to go with it, which is also my all time favorite blush brush. A very bold claim, I know! But it truly does an amazing job – picks up the right amount of product, distribute them evenly without any drag and streaks, and the bristles are so soft against the skin. It also washes exceptionally well, I have had it for about a year now and have washed it numerous times, it hasn’t shedded even a bit and still maintained it’s original shape. RMK is not an easy brand to get hold of, which is probably why I don’t hear many people talk about it, but if you ever seen it, grab this blush brush, trust me it’s all you need for a dreamy blush application.

YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Lipstick in 44 is a rather recent purchase, but I have been wearing it almost every single day since I got it. Such a fab everyday pinky nude color that would suite lots of skin tones. And the YSL lip volupte shine is one of my favorite high-end lipstick formulas out there, it’s hydrating and nourishing, but with great color pay-off at the same time. Feels like a total princess every time I have it on.

I also want to give a quick shout out to the MV organic Rose Plus Booster, which has been my a skin savior this month. It’s one of my favorites among the huge pile of facial oils I have collected over the years (#facialoilobsession going strong), and has always been my go-to when I need some extra boost of hydration or to calm down a confused/angry skin condition. This mixed with the Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum is my ultimate night oil treatment, never fails me!

Btw, it’s insane to know that half of the 2016 has already gone, what?! Is it just me, or 2016 seems to go by exceptionally fast? Does it mean Xmas is almost here soon? Omg, it never feels this real that time flies