Is It the Ultimate Does-It-All Moisturizer?

Lixirskin is a new brand discovery for me this year, thanks to a sleepless late night online shopping, I ended up having 5 products from their rather small skincare line up, which only consists 6 items (send help, please!). I haven’t had the time to give all 5 products a proper test and trial yet, but the only product I have tried so far, which is the Universal Emulsion does not disappoint, and I had a high expectation.

Lixirskin universal emulsion moisturizer review

Lixirskin is a fairly young skincare brand, created by the mastermind or more precisely, the master formulator behind some of the most coveted beauty brands, such as Ren. What instantly caught my attention, or dare I say, most skincare addicts’ attention is the brand’s streamlined, minimalist approach to skincare. Thinking about 1 moisturizer, 1 cleanser, 1 serum for everything, all skin types and all occasions. What? Isn’t that crazy? Or is it brilliant? I mean, how can I possibly say no?

At the blushing toned tube of the Lixirskin Universal Emulsion (yep, it takes a minimalist approach in package as well, which I’m all for it), it says it can be used as:

Day moisturizer, night cream, serum base in one

I’ve tried my fair share of multi-tasking skincare products, some suck, some are OK, but nothing really lives up to their claims. I mean, I totally get it, doing one thing really well is not easy to begin with, let alone multi-tasking. But the Lixirskin Universal Emulsion does stand out, I have to say. It has no added fragrance. The texture of the moisturizer is in between cream and gel, pretty thin to the touch, spreads out easily, and absorbs quickly. It’s the kind of texture that you would think is more suited for people with oily skin, as it’s not the usual creamy and rich consistency that you often see in a heavy duty moisturizer for drier skin. However, for my dry and dehydrated skin, it has performed surprisingly well, keeps me hydrated throughout the day, yet feels exceptionally light (you almost don’t feel it’s there).

Lixir Universal Emulsion moisturizer review

If that’s all it does, I won’t be here with all the excitement, I have had other good, no fuss, gets-the-job-done moisturizers, such as the Belif true moisturizing cream (reviewed here). What really sets this moisturizer apart is that, it’s a moisturizer that works for your entire face (and I have used it on dry patches on my body as well, and it works just as well), your eyes, your neck, your lips, literally, this does all. I can apply it liberally across my entire face and neck, without worrying if it’s too heavy for the delicate eye areas, or not enough for the dry patches around my chin. So far, my skin is pretty happy about it. And I tell you, it’s not too far from miracle to get both my under eyes and the rest of my face in a happy place with one tube of the same product. It also claims to have “natural UV protection”, though without specific SPF indication, I wouldn’t rely on it for sun protection.

I’ve been carrying the moisturizer with me everywhere, it has been a total workhorse – I would use it during the day, through workout, and post workout, it tackles all my moisturizing needs. I’ve also been using it under various weather conditions (be it dry weather, or poached hot days), and this little tube of magic stuff seems to be able to adjust its moisturizing level, so my skin is always hydrated, but never gets heavy or oily.

Now I won’t say it doubles up as a serum as it claims on the package, but for an all-round moisturizer that works day and night, under dry and humid weather and for both face and eyes, I would say it’s totally a solid buy. Obviously, I haven’t tested it under extremely dry weather, and my skin is not on the very dry or sensitive side, so I cannot say if it will work for everyone, in all weather conditions, but if you are someone with rather normal skin (not extremely sensitive, extremely dry or oily), and are looking to simplify your skincare routine (sometimes, simpler and less product is better), I would recommend you taking a look at this moisturizer.