If You Are A Hard Core Waterproof Mascaras User

clarins instant eye makeup remover reviewYou know most of us Asians are not blessed with voluminous, long and curly eyelashes. The sad truth is that, quite the opposite, our lashes are usually sparse, short and straight (err…), and  mine is exactly like that. So literally, I cannot live with waterproof mascaras, they just hold the curl so much better than their non-waterproof peers.

But like everything else in life, nothing is perfect. The stronger they are at the waterproof front, the harder they are to take off. Especially the ones from Japan drugstore, oh my… they perform amazingly at holding the curl, in addition to add volume as well as length, but taking them off with your regular makeup remover? Mission impossible! Luckily, I’ve found Clarins Instant Eye Makeup Remover, the one that saved me from all the frustration.

Before came across the Clarins instant eye makeup remover, I’ve been a devoted Shu Uemura cleanser oil user for years. They take off any waterproof makeup with ease, no struggle, no pain. But there is one thing that has always bothered me: the oil clouds my vision every time I use the soaked cotton pad to gently rub off the mascara. It doesn’t sting my eyes, but the thought and feeling of having cloudy vision for a few minutes at the end of each day is annoying.

The Clarins instant eye makeup remover is a dual-phased lotion that you need to shake well before use. It claims to contain “soothing organic plant extracts” that can “instantly remove heavy or waterproof eye makeup, without leaving a trace of residue”, which I took with a grain of salt and lots of doubt, because in my mind, organic, comfort just don’t go hand in hand with heavy duty makeup remover. But boy, was I wrong, so wrong! It really is that magical! Even for the most stubborn waterproof mascara I have, it gets them off in mere seconds – soak the cotton pad, place the pad on the eye for 10 seconds, wipe it off, and voilà, the job is done! No sweat, no pain. It’s so gentle on the eye that at the beginning, I kept touching my lashes after the removal action, as I cannot believe it had already taken off everything while not causing any irritation on the eyes – I mean, no sting, no blurry vision, no discomfort of any sorts and doesn’t leave oily/greasy feeling on the skin. I don’t know what’s in this makeup remover that makes it so effective yet so gentle at the same time. But whatever it is, I’m completely sold!

I haven’t even touched the Shu Uemura cleanser oil since started using this, and probably never will! Have you tried any magical eye makeup removers?