I think, I have found my holy grail liquid eyeliner

Now this is pretty exciting. You know my passion about a good, solid, jet black liquid eyeliner – they have the magical touch to elevate an otherwise rather boring look, and it’s my way of telling myself “all right, I’m ready to tackle the world today”. So fair to say, it’s one of the makeup steps I prefer not to skip in the morning, even in a 10 mins quick routine. And when I find a good one, like the one that could potentially hold the holy grail status? I’m over the moon!

Love Liner Liquid Eyeliner

Yep, we are talking about the Love liner liquid eyeliner (is it just me, or it’s hard to wrap your head around this name ???), the one I just discovered in my Tokyo trip a month back, and has already made a quick entry in the post here.

Love Liner Liquid Review
It’s very much well-loved, if you look at the beat up package

After using it non-stop for a month, I feel there is a need for this eyeliner to have its own dedicated post, because it’s THAT good! Let me first by addressing what I’m looking for in a liquid eyeliner – I can be an eyeliner snob if you cannot already tell:

  1. Pigmentation: I despise an eyeliner that’s hovering at the borderline of black and grey or brown. 
  2. Long wearing and smudge proof: nothing bothers me more than having an eyeliner smudged all over the lid (OK, there are other things bother me equally, like caked complexion or harsh contour lines, but you know what I mean).  I need my eyeliner to stay on and on and on, until I’m ready to take it off.
  3. Easy to take off: I know I’m picky, but I don’t want an eyeliner that stays extremely well, but makes you sweat when it comes to removing it. Who wants to rub their eyeballs for a minute just to take off eyeliner? Nobody!
  4. Easy to use: I prefer a precise eyeliner look (I’m not cool enough for that smudged, casual chic look), so I don’t need to have the most sturdy hands in the world – because I don’t, obviously – to get the exact shape of winged line I’m looking for.
  5. The ink is distributed evenly and doesn’t require multiple dipping/shaking to complete one line.

There it is, my checklist for a good black eyeliner, all very reasonable asks, would you say? The love liner ticks all the boxes for me. Pigmentation wise, it might be just a tiny bit less black comparing to the Lancôme Grandiose eyeliner (full review here), but it’s so slight that unless you are staring at a magnified mirror for a minute like I did, you really wouldn’t notice. It stays on easily for 15 hours with zero smudging, can be easily wiped off with micellar water or any makeup remover of your choice. More importantly, the ink comes out consistently – I can complete both eyes without needing to shake even once, which is where it draws stark contrast to the Lancôme Grandiose liner, which needs vigorous shaking (I mean vigorous!) after every dot you draw. As a result, I find myself able to do my eyeliner much faster than before.

Love Liner Liquid Eyeliner Review
After 8 hours of having the eyeliner on.

MSH Love Liner Liquid Eyeliner Review

I cannot tell you how long it will last yet, but I shall report back in my empty post when it comes to it, but one month in, it shows no sign of drying out whatsoever and has stayed as dreamy as the first day I opened it. So yes, I’m in love with this eyeliner. I literally don’t want to touch any other eyeliners I have (the boujee Tom Ford Eye Defining Pen included), who would have thought that!     

The only drawback of this eyeliner, like I mentioned in last post, is that it’s not the easiest one to get a hold of. I can only find a seller on Amazon carries it here or on global Rakuten site here. But if you are in Japan, or having a trip planned to Japan, please pick it up at the drugstore and come back to tell me, how much you love it. Would you?