I Tested 4 New Cleansers, and Here Are My Thoughts

I didn’t realize this before, but apparently, I can be a bit of  a cleanser snob. People often don’t pay much attention to cleansers, granted, it’s a product that usually only stays on your face for a minute (if that!) and then gets washed off the drain. But I have to respectfully disagree (any die-hard Friends’ fans know where this is coming from?), a good cleanser sets the right foundation for your skincare routine – if your skin is not properly cleansed, no matter how expensive your serum is, you are probably not going to get the ideal results.

So far, my ride or die cleansers have been the Oskia renaissance cleansing gel and Omorovicza Cleansing foam. But at the beginning of the year, I have the urge to expand my cleanser collection (yep, it’s a thing, I genuinely like to rotate cleansers on regular basis), and picked up 4 new cleansers to test out, and these are my thoughts about them.

Lixir Cleanser Review


Elemis is a brand that doesn’t get enough mention in the beauty community, even though they make some great products, such as the Pro-Collagen Marine cream, which I adore, as well as their cleansing balm. But this cleanser, unfortunately, doesn’t get on with my skin that well. It has a nice gel consistency with a hint of scent, lathers well on the skin, and cleans very thoroughly. However, it’s slightly drying on my combination to dry skin, I find myself always need to apply moisturizing mist and cream immediately afterwards, otherwise, I would feel the tightness on the skin, which is usually a sign that the cleanser is too dry. I’ve now moved on to use this cleanser only on my neck. But if you have oil skin, this might work for you. And did I mention it’s a very generous size? You only need 1 pump for the entire face, so a bottle of 200ml can last you absolutely ages.

Lixir Vitamin C Paste & Electrogel Cleanser Review


I picked up these two in a rather big Cultbeauty haul (posted here). And I’m happy to say, just like the Lixir Universal Emulsion (reviewed here), these two cleansers are no disappointment. The Vitamin C paste is a great cleanser for the morning, especially if you feel your skin is bit sluggish, lackluster or just needs a bit of wake up nudge. It has a citrus scent and packs a punch with 10% L Ascorbic Acid, which is the most effective form of Vitamin C. It does create an ever so slight tingling sensation on the skin, so I would avoid using it around the eyes. Personally, I like to keep it on for 2-5 minutes, and after washing it off with water, it leaves my skin feeling more refreshed and a bit brighter. It’s a great cleanser + facial mask multi-purpose product.

Similar concept applies to the Electrogen Cleanser, in the sense that it’s a cleanser but also doubles up as a quick facial mask. Let me preface by saying that it’s not a cleanser you will go for as a first cleanse, I would reach for it when my skin is already pretty cleaned (typically after a makeup remover), or has only moisturiser on, massage it thoroughly to the skin and leave it on for a few minutes before washing off. It’s quite an innovative formula, because when you massage it to the skin, it completely disappears – I’m not joking, I would stare myself up close to a giant mirror and wouldn’t see the product sitting on top of the skin, it almost feels like a quick absorbing moisturizer. After washing off, it leaves my skin a bit softer and a tad more moisturized. Quite magical, and a rather enjoyable process.

MV Organic 9 Oil Cleansing Tonic Review


Now this is probably the most unique cleanser among all of them, because you don’t actually take it off. What??? Yes, that’s what I was thinking too when reading the industruction. I would apply roughly 6 drops of the oil to the skin, massage it for a minute, pretending myself in a luxurious spa (the lovely scent of the cleanser definitely helps you picture that), then hold a warm to hot muslin cloth to the face and press it to the skin for 10 seconds, while breathing in the aroma of the cleansing oil without wiping it off. The heat promotes the oil to be absorbed into the skin, and just leaves you with a glowy, plumped, and well moisturized skin that makes you look like you have just slept for 8 hours. It’s not a cleanser I would reach for every day, but when I’m feeling stressed, or my skin is particularly dry, I love to use this as a third cleanse to finish up my day. It’s so soothing and relaxing that it has become the step I’m most looking forward in my skincare routine. Probably, my favorite cleanser discovery of the year!

Elemis Biotec Skin Energising Cleanser Review

So three out of the four new cleansers are getting a big thumbs up from me, they serve different purposes, but equally lush and bring a sense of self-care and enjoyment to my daily routine. If you are looking to change up your cleanser game, I would recommend take a look at them. All three can be purchased at cultbeauty, which is where I got mine.