Hallelujah to the Best Lip Scrub

Lip scrub is one of those things that we all know what it’s about, but rarely gets excited about, right? I know at least I am. I can be doing facial scrubs, either physical scrub or chemical acid scrub every week religiously, but lip scrub? Always an afterthought. And honestly, I blame the fact it’s so difficult to find a good lip scrub, even though it’s supposedly the easiest skincare item to DIY at home. OK, before I digress further, let me get straight to the point, the Frank Body Lip Scrub is by far the best I’ve tried in the market, and it’s pretty reasonably priced.

Frank Body Lip Scrub review

Yes, there are probably hundreds of lip scrubs you can find from various brands, but they are either too gentle and ended up doing nothing to your lips (I’m looking at you, Fresh Sugar Lip Polish), or too abrasive that you feel your are scrubbing your lips off, or seems to be abrasive enough but still doing nothing drastically to improve your lip conditions, which then raise the question: why do you even bother to do it at all? For me, the Lush Bubblegrum Lip Scrub and E.L.F Lip Exfoliator fall into this category, which everyone else seems to love. Maybe I’m being too picky?

Frank Body Lip Scrub Review & Close Up look

The Frank Body Lip Scrub restored my faith, and I’m not exaggerating. First of all, it smells amazing with a fresh coffee scent – I’m not a coffee drinker, but I can always appreciate the smell of a freshly brewed coffee, which is exactly what this lip scrub smells like. It goes on lips with the perfect amount of abrasion, buffs aways all the flaky and dry bits (and I mean every bit of unattractive, annoying flakiness!), while moisturizing the lips at the same time. It’s so gentle that I can use it every day, but effective enough to make me feel like I have brand new lips after every use. Seriously, how did they do it? My lips feel softer, juicer and healthier ever since this little tub of miracle worker entered my life. I’m actually looking forward to scrub my lips all the time now. Who would have thought that?

Frank Body Lip Scrub Review

Frank Body also makes a delicious lip balm that’s recommended to go after the lip scrub, but honestly, any lip balm would work. I actually find even the lip balms that I normally don’t like to use end up working very well after the scrubbing action.

Frank Body Lip Scrub Review & Demo
Also embracing my bare face, it’s Sunday and I just finished yoga, really cannot be bothered with any makeup

It’s not the cheapest lip scrub, but it doesn’t have an exorbitant price tag either, and I would 100% recommend it to anyone, dry lips or not. It’s that good! You can get this lip scrub from their site directly here, or through other retailers like Ulta, mecca if you are in Australia, or lookfantastic.