Guerlain Smile Rose Aux Joues Blush Duo Review

Guerlain Smile Rose Aux Joues Blush Duo review

Guerlain Smile 2016 spring collection Blush Duo

I have never fell into the limited edition “trap” in the past (thank God, that’s a bottomless hole…), because most of the times I feel it’s simply a marketing trick, and lots of limited edition beauty products are not out of the world outstanding, I’m looking at you, (most of ) M.A.C. limited edition blushes!


But, the exception has been made for the Guerlain 2016 spring collection blush duo No. 17 smile. And if you are interested, it took me less than 5 minutes to do so – basically, I passed the counter, saw the  package, swatched the product on my hand, tried on my face, and handed over my credit card, with no hesitation and for that few minutes, I forgot S$91 is a ridiculous price for a blush.



First of all, let’s just take a moment to appreciate the package. I mean, it has got to be the most gorgeous red I have ever seen. I cannot even find a word to describe how much I love this color, even after staring at it for hours now. If it’s the usual black Guerlain case, which is still classic and beautiful, I would have never stopped over the counter to look at the actual product – I already have a drawer of blushes to last me a lifetime for God sake!  


Of course, I didn’t damage my wallet just for the package alone, the blush itself is superb quality as well. I don’t own any other Guerlain blushes, but based on the swatches & comparisons over the counter, I can feel this particular blush duo is softer on the touch and much creamier. Though it’s probably an overused adjective, “buttery” is first word came to my mind.


It’s a powder blush, but the texture is nothing like any other powder blushes I own. It almost feels like gel – smooth, soft and creamy at the same time – very weird, I know! A light touch with your brush will pick up enough color (I like to use the Wayne Goss brush No.14 for this), and when applying over the cheekbones, it leaves the most beautiful sheen and shine on your face. Both shades are pigmented – though I would say in comparison, the darker shade is more pigmented and easier to pick up the color, but because of its superb blendability, it’s actually not easy to go overboard.


The blush compact includes 2 colors (obviously, it’s called blush duo!), which you can use them separately, blended or together – the lighter shade being the main blush color over the cheeks, and the darker shade as a pop of color on the high points of cheekbones, just like the idea of Charlotte Tilbury Cheek to Chic blush. I have tried all the 3 ways, and they are just sooooo amazing! I love the sheen and glow it gives to my cheeks, and just utterly obsessed with this rosy  perky color, which is perfect for the Spring… though, I think it’s basically perfect all year round, if you ask me.


Below is me wearing the blush (swirl together) without highlighter, and under natural lighting – in the office! As you can see, it just adds a natural wash of color (please ignore the not well blended contour…), and gives the life back to the face. You can of course build up the intensity, but I like to wear my blush very subtle when there is nothing going on in the rest of my face.

Guerlain Smile Rose Aux Joues Blush Duo swatch & demo

Even though the sale associate says the formulation of this blush duo is not much different from the regular Guerlain blushes – “it just has more shine” are her exact words, I still believe it’s different. Not going to say this is “worth every penny”, because I cannot deny that the price is insane, but if you are near the Guerlain counter, just take a look!