Guerlain Liquid Eyeliner Review

Guerlain Liquid Eyeliner ReviewAfter going through two tubes of my favoriteLancôme Grandiose liquid eyeliner in basically lightning speed (one can last about 2.5 months with daily use, I have a full review here), I thought I will venture out of my comfort zone and try something different. That’s when the Guerlain liquid eyeliner landed in my dressing table.

I was initially drawn it by its package (no surprise here). It’s hosed in a frosted bottle with an extra long handle. This is what I imagined a liquid eyeliner used to look like back in maybe 100 years ago: simple, understated yet so chic at the same time. Something about the shape of the bottle, I love it to bits. I like to place it at the center of my get-ready area, because just looking at it makes me happy! So, package wise, it’s nothing but perfection.

But for the product itself, I’m still constantly debating with myself. On one side, I really appreciate the fact it lasts exceptionally well. I would say, it’s on par with the Lancôme Grandiose eyeliner in lasting power department, I can easily wear it for 8-10 hours with zero smudge or transfer. I’ve even worn it for 20 hours in one occasion when transferring between airports, and the eyeliner stayed intact. The pigmentation of the eyeliner is also second to none. It’s richly pigmented with the blackest black you can expect from a liquid eyeliner, probably even a hair darker than the Lancôme one, which I didn’t know I would ever say one day. But to human eyes, honestly, they are not THAT different.

What I’m not impressed with are the brush and the formula. On the Sephora website, it says the “Guerlain liquid eyeliner features an ultra-fine brush..”, which I don’t agree with. It can probably pass as for a fine brush tip, but “ultra-fine” is a stretch with this brush, I would actually consider it pretty fat, which results in me never being able to do a precise tiny line towards the inner corner of my eyes, or a fine line along the lash line without getting it transferred to the lower lids. It’s also not the best in getting a sharp flick because of the brush tip. I would consider myself pretty good at drawing a simple cat eyeliner, but I still find myself struggle a bit almost every morning with this eyeliner. In comparison with the Lancôme Grandiose eyeliner, which I only need 3 mins for quite perfect flicks, I have to spend at least double the amount of time with the Guerlain one.

Guerlain liquid eyeliner review (2)The formula also doesn’t make things easier. When you first open the bottle, it’s quite perfect consistency. But after about two weeks of use, I noticed it’s getting thicker and a lot less liquidy – the thickness requires a pretty steady hand, otherwise, a big drop of the product will deposit on the eyelid in the middle of a line. Even when the brush is properly soaked with product (and having the excess removed along the edge of the bottle lid), one dip is usually not enough for a straight line, which means you need to dip back to the bottle for a second, or third time, go back to work on the same line, and expecting they connect seamlessly. Not something you want to do when in a rush.

I cannot tell how long it will last yet. It does have quite a bit of product inside, but I’m not convinced that I can use every drop of it as it continues to thicken. The lasting ability and pigmentation is top notch, but the brush and formula really hold me back in giving it a full thumbs up. After finishing it up, most likely, I will go back to my trusty Lancôme Grandiose eyeliner, which is much easier to use and has a more consistent quality throughout its lifetime.