Glossier Makeup Review

Glossier Makeup Reviews

Over the last year, I have managed to get my hands on almost the entire collection of Glossier makeup products (except the Wowder powder, which just launched recently), which if I may say, is a pretty big achievement, considering the brand doesn’t do international shipping until recently. Allow me to take a moment to thank all my dear colleagues and friends for being my personal mailman in the name of beauty 🙂

I’ve now been using these products for a while and am ready to give you a final review of the Glossier makeup range, sharing with you what are the favorites and what are probably not worth the hype.

Perfecting Skin Tint

This is my intro to the Glossier brand. I can still vividly recall my excitement when I first held this little bottle in my hand, but that excitement quickly dialed down when I tried the product. I was pretty underwhelmed, as it really doesn’t do much to your face. Safe to say, it’s the most sheer complexion product I have ever used, it doesn’t cover any imperfection on the skin, but does provide a layer of shine to give you a more healthy and glowy look.

However, despite the initial disappointment and honestly, confusion, it starts to grow on me. The more I use it, the more I appreciate how sheer and minimum it looks, and also just how easy it is to use – it’s quick, foolproof, takes less than 30 seconds to apply. So when I’m on holiday or in a rush, or feel like a great skin day, but still want a bit more glow, this has been my go-to.

Final verdict: This will be a good product to look into, if you are looking for a true no-makeup makeup look, or have really good skin and doesn’t look for any coverage or correction, and want something that’s quick and easy. But if you want any coverage, or even a “my skin but better” result, this is not for you. There are a lot of other light coverage complexion products in the market that will fit you better, such as the Physician’s Formula Organic Wear BB cream, which I have done a full review here.

Stretch Concealer

In short, I love this concealer. Let me start by saying I pretty much hate all concealers for my under eyes, they just make my under eye fine lines even more visible, and I cannot stand that dry, cakey look. So for as long as 2 years, I have not being using any concealers for under eyes, and learned to embrace that tired look with my forever screaming dark circles, until I gave the Glossier stretch concealer a try. IT IS LIFE CHANGING!

It has a pretty wet and creamy consistency, which blends into my undereye effortlessly and seamlessly – just a few tabs with fingers will do the trick. It has light to medium coverage, so makes my dark circle not as obvious but still noticeable, which is ideal in my book. I do need to set it immediately afterwards, using either the Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush flawless powder or the Rouge Bunny Rouge powder (reviewed here), and it doesn’t crease throughout the day.

Final verdict: No surprise here, I’m sort of in love with this little pot of concealer wonder. If you are someone with very dry undereye, and have been struggling to find a non-drying concealer, this one could be it.

One additional note is that this concealer is probably not the best in blemish concealing on the face, because of its creamy and rather wet consistency.


I absolutely adore the look of Haloscope, and the package makes it the ultimate travel/handbag companion. Nothing to complain here.

As for the result, staying consistently with the overall natural, beauty on-the-go theme, the Haloscope is a subtle highlighter that gives you a glow from within, natural dewy look. And I repeat, the keyword here is “dewy”. It doesn’t have any trace of glitter or shimmer, but just makes your cheeks look wet in a nice way. It reminds me a lot of the RMS beauty living luminizer, but on my skin, I find the RMS living luminizer is a tad more noticeable and glowy.

You can swipe it directly to the cheeks, or use your fingers to tap the products to the areas you would like to highlighter. I personally, prefer the latter method. Because I find that if you have foundation or powder blush underneath, which we often do, swiping it directly on top will move things around.

Final verdict: It’s a lovely highlighter that can be used all over the face for a natural glowy result, but it’s nothing outstanding, and there are better cream highlighters in the market. So to me, it’s a product you can skip.

Boy brow

Glossier Boy Brow Review

If I’m not mistaken, boy brow is Glossier’s best seller in the makeup department, and it’s well loved by so many people for a good reason. I have gone through 3 of them now, and it definitely has become a staple in my makeup stash.

I’m currently using the shade brown, which just adds a tiny bit of tint to my brow without darken my natural brow color. The fiber inside the boy brow adds a little bit of volume without being too dramatic. It holds all brow hairs in place, gives them a groomed shape and makes them a bit fuller. It doesn’t necessarily hold the shape of the brow for the longest hours, but I find it being sufficient for day to day. It’s one of those foolproof products that you don’t need to think too much, just a few swipes, and you are done.

Final verdict: It’s very similar to the Benefit Gimme Brow, but I actually prefer the Glossier boy brow a bit more. Definitely a must try for anyone wants to have a fuller, well groomed brows in a few seconds.

Could Paint

Another firm favorite of mine. I have done a full review on the cloud paint blush here. Since my last review, I have purchased the remaining two cloud paint shades in Dusk and Haze, which are just equally lovely. My favorite thing to do when getting ready in the morning, is to mix & match the four cloud paints to create my own customized colors depends on my mood. So far, I have found Dusk to be the ideal base shade, and mix well with any of the three. It’s a lot of fun.

Glossier Cloud Paint Review

Final verdict: A wonderful blush product for anyone that wants a blended, natural blush look. Either you like cream blush in general, or have been skeptical about cream blush for the longest time, this would not disappoint.

Generation G lipstick

I am still a bit undecided with this one. I literally jumped up and down when I first placed my order for two generation G lipsticks in Crush and Like, which were out of stock for quite a while. But the minute I received them, I was utterly disappointed.

First of all, the package felt quite cheap for a lipstick that’s priced at $18 a pop. And more importantly, with just one swipe on my lips, both lipsticks broke out of the tube. I didn’t even twist up that much product, and was pretty gentle in applying it. Initially, I thought it was just me that got a bad one, well, two. But after browsing the site, I realized a lot of other people have had exactly the same problem. The package was just horrendous.

However, for that one time I tried the product, I did really like the finish of it: it felt ultra lightweight on the lips, leaves a non-drying matte finish that almost mimics a lip stain. Very natural, very comfortable, great for no-makeup makeup look. So being a beauty product junkie, when I saw them released the new shade zip, which is a gorgeous orange red, I got sucked in and purchased it again.

To my surprise, zip feels very different from the other two generation G lipsticks I have had. The package is much more sturdier, and the tube is a bit shorter, though the amount of product is still the same. And upon application, the color is much more pigmented, the bullet also feels better produced. Overall, the quality seems to be up a level. You can go light-handed for a lighter coverage on the lips, or layer up for a stronger color payoff. Once it’s on, it feels like part of your lips and lasts pretty well.

This is me wearing generation G lipstick in Zip, with two layers (they are incredibly easy to layer on).

Glossier Generation G lipstick Zip swatch & review

I did a bit of research, and apparently Glossier has changed the package and formula of the Generation G lipstick, after hearing the feedbacks from customers, which is always a positive sign of a great brand! So I’m kind in love with it now.

Final verdict: all in all, I still think it’s overly priced for a lipstick, though I’ve been thinking of adding a few more shades into my shopping cart, perhaps with the new package and formula, it’s worth another shot?

Lip gloss

Taking simplicity to its best, the Glossier lip gloss has a rather nostalgic look to it. It’s an ultra glossy product that doesn’t have any color, can be applied on its own or on top of any forms of lipsticks. It makes your lips look fuller and juicer in one swipe. It’s a bit sticky, but lasts really well for a lip gloss.

Glossier Lip Gloss Review

I find it goes well with any look, either you have absolutely no completely on, or have a full face glam look, this lip gloss can elevate the entire look and makes you look rather chic. I don’t know how it does it, but let me just say, it hasn’t left my bag since the day I got it.

Final verdict: I love it! But I’m full aware that it’s not very everyone, especially if you hate a sticky lip gloss or that ultra shine look.

OK, if you are still with me after reading this long, extensive review of almost all Glossier makeup products, let me quickly summarize: I’m a big fan of Glossier makeup products, and they are just God sent for women on the go, and really, anyone that likes a no-makeup makeup, yourself-but-better everyday look. If that describes you, trust me, you will find some favorites in their line of products (if not all!).