Glossier Generation G Lipstick Swatches & Updated Review

A few months back, when I did a roundup review of Glossier makeup products, I mentioned I have mixed feelings about the Generation G lipsticks. Fast forward to now, where I end up with a full collection of the entire line, 6 shades, I think I’ve finally made my up mind (rightfully so, I mean the entire collection!) and ready to share my thoughts.

Clossier Generation G Lipstick Review

Let me start by saying what haven’t changed: 1. I still think it’s overpriced for what it is; and 2. The package could be better, more specifically, the lipstick bullet shouldn’t be that easy to break, which is the main complaint that every unsatisfied customer seem to be having.

And what have changed? I’ve decided that despite of its far-from-perfect package, I still quite like the product itself, the fact at least one of them always end up in my gym bag or purse is a good testament of my devotion to it (as if owning the entire collection is not an enough proof). The Generation G lipstick really does have a very unique formula, it’s sheer and matte at the same time, goes on like a lip balm, and makes your lips look like they are naturally stained. They feel comfortable to wear, and they are very easy to put on – you don’t need a mirror, so a nice rush-proof product. I find the trick to prevent the bullet from snapping off is only twisting up a tiny bit when applying, so the pressure won’t break the product in half – I have broken 2 of them to come to this realization (take a look at the silent, yet tragic display of Generation G lipstick in Leo below).

Glossier Generation G lipstick breaks

That being said, I do notice not all 6 of them are created equally. The darker shades tend to be more pigmented than the lighter ones, and some goes on smoother, or you could say, less patchy than others. Here are the 6 shades:

Glossier Generation G lipstick swatches
Swatch L to R: Cake, Leo, Like, Crush, Zip, Jam

Cake – light peachy nude, the least pigmented of the entire line, but goes on smoothly.

Leo – similar to Cake, but with more brown undertone, washes me out a little bit if wearing on its own.

Like – light pink, not pigmented, extremely close to my natural lip color, also goes on smoothly.

Crush – a brighter raspberry pink, pigmented, but not as smooth as cake and like.

Zip – a nice poppy red, most pigmented, and goes on smoothly. My favorite out of the entire line.

Jam – nicely pigmented, but the most patchy one out of the entire line.

For someone that has naturally pigmented lips, Cake and Like don’t really show up that much on me, but they do a nice job in smoothing out the discolorations on my lips. Crush and Zip are the ones I reach for the most when I want a bit of color to brighten up my complexion, and Leo is the one I like to use when I want to tone down any bright lip colors. Jam is my least favorite out of all, just because it’s patchy and often requires a few more layers to achieve even colors on the lips.

A final look of the lipsticks swatched on me:

Glossier Generation G Lipstick Swatches - Cake, Leo, Like

Glossier Generation G lipstick swatches - Crush, Zip & Jam

The Generation G lipsticks seem to be a subject of debate for many. You see, I even debated with myself for quite a long time. But I think I’m in peace with it now, even though it’s far from perfect, and I sincerely hope Glossier can fix the breakage issue, I do really like them for day-to-day, mainly for its rather innovative formula. And if I were asked to recommend just one generation g lipstick, it would have to be zip, definitely my most worn out of the entire line, and the most worn red from all my entire lipstick collection.