Glossier Cloud Paint Review: Puff & Beam

Glossier Cloud Paint Review

From the first day when I know Glossier started making makeup products, I have been anxiously waiting for them to come out with blushes, which is probably my favorite makeup category. So when I saw Cloud Paint launched, I made a mental note to myself that I need to get my hands on those in all means.

If you haven’t already heard of Glossier, it’s a brand created by Emily Weiss – the founder of Into The Gloss, a site that all beauty lovers would be familiar with. All of their makeup products are perfect for no-makeup makeup days, ideal to create that yourself-but-better naturally beautiful look. I now own pretty much all of their makeup products, some I love, some I’m not so crazy about, and the cloud paint falls into the first bucket.

Glossier Cloud Paint Blush Review - Puff, Beam

As a liquid/cream blush lover, I of course had very high expectation of cloud paint, especially given all the hypes it has created on the internet. But when I first received the product, I was a bit surprised on how light and small it is – it’s about the size of a M.A.C lipstick ($18 USD for 10ml), which I don’t actually mind, because I’m someone that always prefer small sized beauty products. The package is simple, chic and overloaded with cuteness as all Glossier products do. Ever since the day I got my hands on these, I haven’t been able to put them down. I love them!

The texture of the blush is quite unique and interesting. It’s in between liquid and cream in my opinion- not as running as the NARS liquid blush, but also not as creamy/thick as traditional cream blushes such as the Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge. When you initially dotted them to the face, the color is pretty vibrant and intense, but as you start blending, they sheer out effortlessly and just leave a gorgeous flush of color. They can be easily applied with brushes, I find them work really well with either duo fiber brushes such as the M.A.C.188, or dense foundation brushes such as the Real Techniques buffing brush. But I prefer to just use my fingertips for the ultra natural flush look, plus it’s quicker and you don’t have to wash extra brushes 🙂

The finish of the blush is more on the satin side, doesn’t add any glow or dewiness to the cheek, but doesn’t make them look matte or flat either. I see a lot of reviews saying the blush is highly pigmented, which I don’t feel the same. One tiny dot of this blush gives me a very sheer layer of color (I’m talking about you can barely see the color kind of sheerness), I normally need to go over it with a second or sometimes third layer to have the color shows up more. So in comparison to other liquid/cream blushes I own, I find I need to use more product to achieve the same level of pigmentation. After a week of daily use, I can already see a visible dent on the tube, so I have a feeling that this might be the first blush that I will actually use up.

glossier cloud paint swatch & review

The two colors I own are puff which is a pale pink, and beam which is a soft peach. The two shades look very differently on the tube, and swatch very differently on the hands as well. However, because the finish of the product is so sheer, I find these two shades look very similar once applied to my face – they both have that soft peachy pinky healthy look. I don’t have the other two cloud paints, which are haze and dusk, so I cannot tell if they will end up looking very similar as well, but dusk seems to have a much stronger brown undertone, so could be quite different from the two I already own.

Below are the pictures of Cloud Paint in puff and beam on the my face. I’m also wearing the Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint in Medium underneath, lipstick is M.A.C. liptensity lipstick in Smoked Almond.

glossier cloud paint puff swatch

The Cloud Paint lasts very well on me, it stays on my cheek for 5 hours with slight fading, and 10 hours if I use the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray (yes, this setting spray really makes a world of difference on me). And even when it fades, it fades down naturally without looking blotchy or spotty. But this is not even my favorite part about the blush, I love how light it feels on the skin, and how it completely blends into the skin with no sticky feeling whatsoever. When I’m wearing it, I don’t even feel I’m having a makeup on, which is just fabulous.

One last look of the Glossier Cloud Paint puff on me after 4 hours of wear time:

glossier cloud paint swatches puff

At $18 a pop, I don’t think this is drugstore price, especially considering how small it is and how fast it can be used up comparing to other cream or powder blushes. But it’s also not a high-end makeup price tag, even though it’s definitely performing as a high-end makeup product, if not better. I think anyone that loves a fuss free, natural makeup look will find themselves enjoy the Cloud Paint a lot, and I’m already putting down dusk in my next shopping wishlist.