Falling Back in Love: Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick

bobbi brown skin foundation stick review

After hearing some of my favorite YouTubers raving about Makeup Forever HD foundation stick, it reminded me I actually have a very similar product in my stash, the Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick, which was probably (?) one of the first cosmetic brands that has started this foundation stick idea a few years back.


Given one of my new year resolutions this year is: buying less beauty products, and using up the existing pile (Let’s see how long that can last!), I thought I should hold off the urge to rush to Sephora and bring the Bobbi Brown foundation stick back to my life. And I’m so happy I did so!  


I forgot how much I used to love this foundation. It’s light to medium coverage, though I suppose you may be able to build up to high coverage. The texture is very velvety and creamy, super blendable with either your fingers or a buffing brush. Personally, I prefer to pair it up with buffing brushes. I like to draw 3 lines on each side of my cheek, a few lines on the forehead, one down the center of my bridge, enjoying the silly look for a few seconds before buffing everything into the skin. My two favorite brushes to go with it are Bobbi Brown full coverage face brush (matchy matchy is always good 🙂 and Wayne Goss brush No. 13.


The finish of this foundation is beyond beautiful, it’s uber natural (truly skin alike, hence the name “skin foundation stick” I guess?), ultra light and blends into the skin completely, when I say completely, I mean I cannot trace ANY sign of foundation on my face after application, even on the forehead right above and between eyebrows, which are the two most vulnerable spots for me when it comes to makeup creasing. They just do not settle into fine lines, period. It’s also long wearing – it can last the whole day from 8am to 8pm for my skin, which is combination to oily, and doesn’t get too oily or greasy throughout the day either.


Also, can we just appreciate the brilliant idea of transforming foundation into a stick? It was my go-to travel companion for a long period of time: it doesn’t spill, the package is slim and light, you can literally throw it into your purse and good to go.


I have several trips coming up in the Feburary, guess I don’t need to think about which foundation to bring with me anymore, hooray!