Empty Review: Tata Harper Restorative Eye Cream

Tata Harper restorative eye creme reviewAfter a good run with the AmorePacific moisture bound rejuvenating eye treatment gel (I have a full review here), which I enjoyed every bit of it, I opted for the Tata Harper Restorative Eye Cream, the skincare brand that can be hit or miss for me. Now, 8 months later, I’m here to submit an empty review report.


Dare I say it’s the best package for eye cream ever! I wish all skincare products come in this type of pump package, which makes it super hygienic, travel friendly, and easy to store – something about digging the fingers into a jar of cream always bothers me.  

It’s also a great pump – yes, not all pumps are made equally – something about this design that it doesn’t push out too much product in one go and is able to squeeze out every last drop of cream out of the bottle, which we all can appreciate, right?

Tata harper restorative eye creme reviewScent:

If you are familiar with the Tata Harper brand, the scent of the eye cream is not going to surprise you, it’s clean, green, fresh and calming, always reminds me of a fresh meadow after a rain.


Comparing to the AmorePacific eye treatment gel, which is ultra light and water based, this one is definitely thicker, richer, and more creamy, but still very easy to blend out. And a little goes a long way, I normally only need half a pump for both eyes.

How do I use it:

Just like any eye cream, place the product at the top of my fingertips, warm it up slightly and massage around the eyes. By the way, don’t apply directly on the soft skin that’s under your eye, where you normally put under eye concealer. Because eye cream travels over time, you don’t want them to get into the eyes.


I will have to say this is my favorite eye cream so far, yes, better than the AmorePacific one I’m afraid. As the name suggests, I actually feel it has restored my under eye areas, which seems too good to be true. Not only does it hydrates my eyes, but also nourishes them and make them a bit plumper and smoother over the course. I don’t think it magically reduced the fine lines or dark cycle, which probably no eye cream will ever do, but for sure, it has been the most effective eye cream so far.

You know people always say if you don’t see any improvement after using an eye cream, it doesn’t mean it’s not effective, in fact it is doing its job because eye cream is for preventative purpose, and if things are not getting worse, it’s good. Well, I’m not buying that! And I’m happy to say this Tata Harper restorative eye cream is not one of them, it actually does improve the delicate skins in your eye area.

So if you cannot tell already, I love this eye cream, and will definitely repurchase this in the future (I still have a few other eye creams to go through…).