Empty Review: Tata Harper Nourishing Oil Cleanser

Tata Harper Nourishing Oil Cleanser Review

There are only two cleansers I have tried so far that when I’m reaching the end of it, I would start having a bit of panic attack, one is the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel, and the other is the Tata Harper Cleansing Oil, which I’m ready to give a full load down today.


The Tata Harper Cleansing Oil comes with a pump. It’s a solid pump, not even a bit flimsy, and is able to pump out every drop of the product without struggle – I always appreciate that. Though, reading the reviews on cult beauty, which is where I purchased mine from, quite a few people have complaint that their bottles come with awful pumps, so I could have been just lucky?

It’s packaged in a heavy glass bottle, so I don’t find it particularly travel friendly. But a little muji travel container can easily solve the problem.


Like all Tata Harper products I have tried, it’s very refreshing, clean and brings back good memories of green garden. I love using this cleanser in the morning, because the scent always wakes me up in the best way possible.


If I use one word to describe the texture, it would be “divine”. It feels rich and smooth, but feels lightweight, and not a tiny bit of greasy. Massaging this onto the face makes you feel like you are giving yourself a luxurious facial treatment in a high-end beauty salon.

How do I use it

Though it’s said to be a makeup remover, I use it as the second cleanser after all my makeup and sunscreen has been taken off properly. It’s too good to be used as makeup remover. I find one pump would give me sufficient product to cleanse the whole face. I would massage the oil into my whole face and neck for about a minute, before washing it off with water – not exaggerating, this is usually the most zen moment of my day, because the product is just so beautiful. I use it both day and night.  


If you think you don’t like oil based cleanser, that’s probably because you haven’t tried this one yet. It’s easily the most luxurious and gorgeous cleanser I have ever used. It’s gentle enough to be used on sensitive skin (best suited for dry and mature skin), but effective enough to remove all the grime and makeup residue. It not only does an excellent job in cleansing the face, but also nourishes the skin, especially if you take the time to massage it. The cleanser is packed with a bunch of skin friendly ingredients, such as omega, vitamin A, C and E. This probably sounds dramatic, but I always feel like I have been given a new face every time I use the cleanser, which is why cleaning my face had become one thing I really look forward to every day while I had it.

One bottle does go by pretty quickly, if you use it non-stop like I do. So it’s definitely an investment, Tata Harper is a pretty pricy brand. I have tried 3 different cleansers in the Tata Harper line up – the purifying cleanser, the regenerating cleaner and this nourishing cleansing oil – and I have to say, the nourishing cleansing oil is a total standout for me, I’m not as a big fan of the other two.

Bottom line, I wouldn’t think twice to repurchase the Tata Harper Nourishing Cleansing Oil once I have cleaned up my cleanser pile.